Hispanic Community Provided PC-to-PC Calls from PeerMe & Hola!

PeerMe Inc., a peer-to-peer voice communication technology company and Hola! Media Group, LLC, a leading independent bi- lingual publisher, announced the availability of PeerMe's free voice and instant messaging technology, which will be immediately available through the Hola! bi-lingual portals (http://www.Hola-Connect.us).

PeerMe has developed a peer-to-peer voice and instant messaging environment supporting PC-to-PC and PC-to-handheld voice communications and instant messaging over public Internet connections. PeerMe's technology can be used independently by users connecting on a peer-to-peer basis or integrated into Web communities bringing a new generation of interactive connectivity to users and is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Using industry standard protocols, PeerMe's peer-to-peer voice system provides sound quality almost equal to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), free and unlimited to any Internet connected PC user worldwide.

"We are excited to partner with Hola! Media Group to bring PeerMe's technology to the Spanish speaking Internet user, as they are the fastest growing population in the United States and in the world, with many family ties in and outside the United States. The Latin American population can easily benefit from PeerMe's free and easy to use voice services," said Tom Lasater, founder and CEO of PeerMe. "We look forward to the integration of PeerMe's technology into the Hola! portal's classified, community and advertising offerings in the near future."

Announcing the availability of the Hola! Spanish services, Maura Lozano- Yancy, founder and CEO of Hola! Media Group said, "With the availability of a true Spanish PC phone and messenger solution we can supply world-wide Spanish- dominant and bi-lingual Internet users with free PC-to-PC calling and instant messaging services. Keep in mind that multi-language options are also available, the Spanish version joins the previously available English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese versions."

"Similar to the impact of mobile telephones, the software available at http://www.PeerMe.com/Hola allows computer users to communicate with their network of friends, family and colleagues anywhere, anytime -- free 'en Espanol.' PeerMe designed the Hola! Spanish download web site http://www.PeerMe.com/Hola with our community in mind, it can be a purely Spanish or purely bilingual language experience," said Maura Lozano-Yancy.

"This launch is a significant step in our communications expansion plan. In conjunction with the launch of the Hola! Spanish portal we are looking forward to the integration of PeerMe's technology into the Hola! portals as a voice tag for classified and advertising," said Michael Yancy, Hola! Arkansas Hispanic Media & Publishing Co., LLC, VP of Business Development.

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