No-Cost Telephone Calls from Any Computer

Southern California Telecom Company, is shaking up the growing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) industry.

While major companies, like Vonage, are spending millions promoting their alternative telephone service for $30-$40 per month, is supported only by advertisers on its system.

Their users make high quality, unlimited calls -- including long distance -- to anyone, any phone, anywhere, and anytime. The key factor is that current technology provides for a clear, high-quality audio with undetectable white noise or interference. The signal is clear.

According to President and CEO Ronald Jordan, individuals and companies are thrilled with the cost, but especially the quality of this service. And there is no limit on the number of calls one can make. How is this possible?, and its partner, AdCalls, Inc, provide an attractive, easy to use, easy to read desktop dialer, similar in size to a Blackberry or other cell phone or PDA. From this attractive interface, users may call any phone they choose, land phones, or cell phones.

What makes the company’s service possible are advertisements that appear on the dialer during the user’s call, and do not interfere with the call. No action is required on the part of the user. Callers simply talk and watch as they wish. According to Jordan, "It is no different than talking on the phone and watching television, except for the cost."

Many companies, large and small, are signing up for obvious reasons. Mr. Jordan’s company has made the signup process very simple. Users signup at their web site, and can be making calls within hours.

The VOIP industry is a growing one. As the technology improves even more, use of the computer for telephony is expected to continue to erode conventional telephone communication methods. Mr. Jordan says he plans to keep in the forefront of that development.

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