VoipSwitch Acquired by Voiceserve

Voiceserve has completed the acquisition of VoipSwitch. VoipSwitch has an established customer base with hundreds of re-sellers and generated a net profit of approximately $374,000 for the fiscal year ended March 2007.

The acquisition consisted of $1.2 million cash with 3,750,000 VSRV shares valued at $1.8 million for a total of $3 million. Voiceserve paid $600,000 cash and will continue to pay the remaining balance on a monthly basis over the next year.
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ITEXPO East 2008 Set to Begin Next Week in Miami

itc-east-logo.gifTechnology Marketing Corporation announces that all dedicated hotel room blocks for next week’s INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO in Miami have completely sold out. The Fontainebleau and the Doubletree Surfcomber on Miami Beach both report that all ITEXPO-designated rooms have been sold.

“The hotels are sold out, and save for a few remnant spaces which remain available, the exhibit hall is filled. All elements are pointing toward a terrific event,” proclaimed TMC President Rich Tehrani.

Tehrani added, “And what’s most exciting is that registration figures are trending ahead of the 2007 conference, which was by all accounts one of the most successful ITEXPOs we’ve ever staged. As I write this, people from 74 countries have registered to attend the three-day event. It appears that buyers and sellers are once again poised to gather in Miami to close deals, form partnerships and develop new relationships – the hallmarks of the ITEXPO experience.”
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Apple iPhone Firmeware v1.1.3 is Now Available

Just went to charge my iPhone and got the announcement that iPhone Software Version 1.1.3 is now available. Here's the run down:

This version of the software includes additional new features, bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

New features include:

• New Maps application
- Find location
- Improved UI
• Send SMS text messages to multiple recipients
• Customize Home Screen
- Rearrange icons
- Add Safari bookmarks to the Home Screen
- Create up to 9 Home Screen pages
• IMAP support for Gmail
• Support for iTunes Store movie rentals
• Enhanced Video Player
- Chapters
- Subtitles
- Alternate language tracks
• Lyrics support in iPod

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TelExtreme to Enter U.S. VoIP Market January 31st

TelExtreme will be offering its first VoIP services within the United States by January 31st. The decision to enter the fast-growing U.S. VoIP market is part of a growth initiative aimed at increasing the company's revenues to over $60 million for 2008.

TelExtreme intends to reproduce in the U.S. the very sales/marketing model that has generated great success in overseas markets, where sales rose from $30.1 million in 2006 to a projected $40+ million in 2007, with the increase being primarily attributable to penetration into the Mexican and Latin American markets. In addition to its projected U.S. expansion, the company anticipates growth opportunities stemming from the organic increase of consumer interest in VoIP-based telephone services.
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Intelliverse Improves its VoIP Softphone Application

Intelliverse announces enhanced capabilities and substantial improvements to its Softphone application. The Softphone is a desktop application that allows calling through Intelliverse’s hosted VoIP services, callEverywhere. The new product rollout includes a more user-friendly interface that allows users quicker and more intuitive access to features they commonly use.

Intelliverse redesigned the Softphone application to ensure all the functionality was easily understood by the end user, while ensuring the overall quality was maintained. Intelliverse consulted with its customers and made changes based on their feedback. Changes were made to utilize conventions that are more standard with common computer applications, such as the ability to make calls through an address book or a recent call list. Additionally, a tabbed call area clearly identifies two callers, and intuitively switches a call on hold when a second line is answered. These new features are all designed to help facilitate quick comprehension, which ultimately will help in the usability of the product.
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RCN's Starpower VoIP Uses deltathree’s Hosted VoIP Solution

RCN announces the launch of its new Starpower Internet Phone Service. RCN’s Starpower Internet Phone Service is powered by the Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution of deltathree. RCN’s Starpower Internet Phone Service is a VoIP solution that provides new competitive choice for phone users who may not be on the RCN network or within its service area, but who have a high-speed data connection from a broadband service provider. The service is an ideal option for consumers who only have mobile phone service but would like an Internet phone for a second line, fax, home office, or as an alternative to traditional service. Starpower will supplement RCN’s reliable, circuit-switched and digital phone service using VoIP last mile, which will expand RCN’s broadbased marketing capabilities.
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VoIP Provider Interactive Intelligence Opens Denver Office

Interactive Intelligence opens a regional office in Denver to better support its growing number of customers migrating VoIP. Specializing in developing high-end IP-based telecommunications applications for mid-size and large contact centers and enterprises. Interactive Intelligence has been serving Colorado businesses since it released its first software product in 1997.

Interactive Intelligence offers these businesses an “all-in-one” VoIP-based software suite designed to deliver contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony and messaging capabilities minus the cost and complexity introduced by product portfolio vendors.
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VoIP Coverage in Nebraska Expanded by 360networks

360networks is expanding coverage into the state of Nebraska. This expansion will add 23 new rate centers serving Omaha and other cities throughout the eastern half of the state.

With the addition of Nebraska, 360networks now covers 682 rate centers across 13 western states with population coverage of over 30 million. The increased coverage will help facilitate the deployment of consumer and enterprise VoIP services throughout the state of Nebraska. 360's VoIP offering includes high quality, low cost wholesale origination and termination VoIP services.
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VoIP-PAL Expands Market to South Korea

VoIP-PAL.com is pleased to announce that the Company will be expanding its market to 50 million users by launching its first foreign e-commerce Web site to South Korea. The Web site will enable users in South Korea to purchase the Company's VoIP products online, which will build VoIP-PAL.com's customer base substantially.

VoIP allows voice and data transmissions to be sent across a wide variety of Internet networks, allowing users to talk to each other using PC phones over the Internet. Consumers and businesses will be able to utilize VoIP at home or at the office for all of their communications needs, providing them with an alternative to expensive long distance telephone costs, saving them up to 70 percent.
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Digium|Asterisk Named a Top Technology Impacting 2008 IT

digium_logo.gifDigium announces that IDG’s InfoWorld has recognized Asterisk 1.4 as a 2008 Technology of the Year. Selected by InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers, the annual awards, presented this year on January 8, identify the best and most innovative products on the IT landscape. Asterisk is the most widely used open source telephony software with more than one million downloads in 2007 and more than 100 million users worldwide.

InfoWorld reports, “a complete IP PBX released as open source under the GNU Public License, Asterisk is built to run on commodity hardware, providing considerable cost savings when compared with commercial alternatives, and it leverages the open source community for additional testing, bug fixes, and feature development.”
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IPEVO Skype Devices Now Support More VoIP Applications

IPEVO is taking center stage at 2008 International CES with an innovative product line that enhances the overall Experience over IP. At CES, the company announced that their award-winning Skype hardware devices now support a broader range of VoIP applications giving users a seamless, high quality voice experience whether they use Skype, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, iChat, or VoIP Systems such as Microsoft Office Communicator and Avaya solutions.

At CES, IPEVO announced that their VoIP Conference Station is universally compatible with the major Internet communication applications for their VoIP Conference Station. Optimized specifically for VoIP applications, the conference station delivers a business quality teleconference experience over the Internet. The company also introduced a Universal VoIP Handset that provides an intuitive and hassle-free VoIP experience via all major Internet communication applications. And IPEVO further enhanced the IP Experience with the launch of their PoV Web Camera, a detachable viewing tool that gives users the freedom to capture and share images and video from any angle and vantage point over chat and messaging programs.
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Houston-Galveston Area Council Adopts Industry Leading VoIP Technology

Positron Public Safety Systems announced it’s been awarded a multi-million dollar contract from the Houston-Galveston Area Council. Under the terms of the six year contract, Positron will deploy and service the Positron Voice over IP for Emergency Response solution to meet the E9-1-1 needs of H-GAC’s 23 Public Safety Answering Point’s covering an 8-county area.

An existing 10-year customer of Positron, H-GAC was impressed with Positron’s proven reliability in supporting their E9-1-1 system. When it was time for H-GAC to upgrade to emerging VoIP-based technology, they applied a rigorous competitive procurement process to determine the best solution. In order to make this determination, H-GAC measured such factors as Positron’s reputation, ability to support large installations, leading edge technology and attention to customer support. The new equipment includes the Positron VIPER, Power 911, Power MAP, Power MIS, ePrinter, Positron Sentry, Centralized GIS, and Regional MIS. Positron will be offering a turn-key solution for the entire H-GAC region and will make it possible to easily and efficiently add new agencies by establishing remote sites via the Positron VIPER solution set. The contract also includes all of the necessary support and maintenance that the PSAP’s will require.
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Partnership to Bring Instant Network Connections to Wi-Fi Phone Users at Hotspots

text-partnership.jpgBroadcom and Boingo Wireless announce a strategic relationship that will enable instant wireless network connections for Wi-Fi phone users across the globe. As part of this strategic relationship, Broadcom is incorporating Boingo's Wi-Fi client software for handsets into its widely deployed Wi-Fi phone chipset platform currently shipping to handset OEMs and ODMs worldwide. Boingo Wi-Fi client software automatically scans for hotspots and instantly connects users to private and commercial networks, including the tens of thousands of hotspots that are part of the Boingo Roaming Network.

The integration of Boingo Wi-Fi software into the Broadcom Wi-Fi phone platform enables true global access to public Wi-Fi networks. Commercial Wi-Fi roaming allows business travelers, mobile workers and people on-the-go the ability to capitalize on high-speed connections in tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots, in addition to their private networks at the office and at home. As VoIP solutions continue to gain momentum by offsetting traditional communications costs, while enabling new services to traditional voice calling applications, operators and consumers are looking for solutions that provide maximum versatility with greatest ease-of-use. The ability to provide instant network connections worldwide is a significant combined offering from Broadcom and Boingo.
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Vonage Chairman and Chief Strategist to Speak at Conference

Unlimited Calls to the US + 60 Countries - $24.99/montAs previously announced on January 7, 2008, Jeffrey A. Citron, Chairman and Chief Strategist of Vonage will participate in the Citi 18th Annual Global Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference being held today. At the conference, Mr. Citron will announce the following preliminary unaudited financial and operating information about Vonage's recently completed quarter and year ended December 31, 2007:
  • Vonage's 2007 revenue will be more than $800 million
  • Fourth quarter 2007 churn will show no meaningful change over the 3.0% reported the prior quarter
  • Excluding payments made in connection with the settlement of intellectual property litigation which Vonage believes is not indicative of its core operating results for the quarter, Vonage expects to generate positive operating cash for the quarter ended December 31, 2007(1)
  • Vonage's cash position at December 31, 2007 was $190 million, which includes $40 million in restricted cash
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Teledex Selects Broadcom VoIP for Hotel Guest Room IP Phones

broadcom.bmpBroadcom announces that Teledex has selected its VoIP technology for three of Teledex's latest state-of-the-art IP phones. Advanced Broadcom VoIP processors and flexible development software enables Teledex to deliver a unique line of SIP and hybrid (analog/SIP) phones that provide hotel guests with exceptional voice quality and rich multimedia features.

The Teledex phones that integrate Broadcom's VoIP technology include the Teledex Hybrid HD6200 series and the Teledex SIP LD4200 series. Both series of Teledex IP phones leverage Broadcom's advanced BCM1103 VoIP processor that combines superior voice services with rich, graphical content to meet the specific needs of today's hotel environment. By enabling advanced communications features over the hotel's existing IP network, Teledex's VoIP phones leverage common browser-based technologies that enable content and applications development in an open, collaborative environment.
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