VoIP Call Recording Software is Ready for Latest Mac OS

Arcosoft announces that VONaLink SoloRecord has been tested on Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. VONaLink works with any VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard, such as Vonage, to record phone calls and to provide screen pops. Also available is a separate VONaLink ScreenPop product, if recording is not required.

Call recording benefits a company by allowing business transactions over the phone to be verified and disputes resolved. With traditional phone systems, calls are recorded with either analog equipment or expensive, proprietary products from the phone company. With the latest VoIP systems built on open, standard protocols, calls can be recorded by monitoring network packets.
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AT&T Completes Interwise Acquisition

AT&T completes of the acquisition of Interwise. In parallel, AT&T launches AT&T Connect, the first in a planned series of converged AT&T-branded voice, video and web conferencing products and services that will accelerate the delivery of unified communications to companies worldwide. With the introduction of AT&T Connect, the company is advancing its focus on delivering a comprehensive, global portfolio of unified communications solutions. The demand for such services is expected to total $5.9 billion in 2007, with continued growth expected in 2008 and beyond.

AT&T is rapidly integrating its wired and wireless network assets, over which it intends to deliver a portfolio of services to help businesses integrate all of their communications applications -- wired and wireless voice services, conferencing capabilities, including VoIP, Web and video, and presence-based applications, such as instant messaging and directories.
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NCISP Announces VoIP in North Carolina

NCISP has launched VoIP and fiber broadband services, adding to the company's long list of business-oriented Internet services, which also include low-cost static IP DSL, inexpensive T1s, Web hosting, and server collocation. NCISP VoIP provides an alternative to expensive telephone company phone services. NCISP can actually replace ATT, Embarq or Verizon lines for a fraction of the cost.

For example, businesses can get a phone line, all the features, such as Auto Attendant, caller ID, voicemail, ACD (queues) groups, etc., and unlimited local and long distance calling for as little as $40.00 per month ($20 residential). Unlimited VoIP services cost even less when the customer has NCISP DSL or some other type of NCISP broadband. The company's "Broadband+ VoIP" product provides broadband, phone service and unlimited long distance starting at $59 per month. There are also multiple line discounts.
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