U.S. VoIP Providers

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U.S.A. VoIP Providers

VoIP Provider VoIP Review Ranking Price* Activation Fee Cancellation Fee Special Deals**
1TouchTone Reviews $29.99 Yes Yes None at this time
Allo Reviews Closing July 31st, 2007
AT&T Reviews $24.99 Yes Yes 1st Month FREE
Best2Call Reviews $19.99 N/A N/A None at this time
BlueSky Reviews Company Disappeared
Broadvox Reviews (0)
Dadoe Reviews $19.99 No Yes 1st Month FREE
Efonica Reviews N/A N/A N/A N/A
iConnectHere Reviews $6.99 No No $30 sign up bonus
Lingo Reviews $21.95 Yes Yes 1st Month FREE, 30 day MBG.
MyPhoneCompany Reviews $24.99 Yes Yes 14 day MBG
MyVoIP.com Reviews $16.99 No Yes 30 day MBG
Net2Phone Reviews $29.99 No No 1 YEAR FREE with 1 year plan.
NetZero Voice Reviews $14.95 N/A N/A None at this time
Packet8 Reviews $24.99 No Yes Free Activation + Phone Rebates
Skype Reviews $29.95 yr No No $29.95 per yr
SunRocket Reviews No longer accepting customers.
Verizon VoiceWing Reviews $24.95 No Yes Order online and wave activation fee
ViaTalk Reviews $199 yr Yes Yes 1 YEAR FREE with 1 year plan
VoIP.com Reviews $19.95 Yes Yes 30 day MBG
Voipgo Reviews $16.95 No No 30 day MBG
Vonage Reviews $24.99 Yes Yes 1 Month FREE
Vonics Reviews (9) $18.99 No Yes 2 Months FREE
ZingoTel Reviews $19.95 No Yes 1 Month FREE

* Note: Prices are listed according to residential unlimited calling plans. Please check the VoIP service providers own website to insure accuracy.

** Note: Special deals and monthly charges can change frequently and the customer should rely on our VoIP providers website for the latest changes. VoIP Monitor shall not be held liable for any discrepancies. It is up to the customer to check that deals are up to date during the VoIP service provider sign-up process.

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