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Verizon Freedom VoiceWing uses a new technology called Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) that sends calls over a high-speed Internet connection instead of a traditional telephone network. Translation: You can surf the Internet and chat on the phone at the same time AND use your own phone wherever there is a broadband connection... even when you are away from home or office.

VoiceWing gives you the power to manage your calls, program calling features check your voice mail online, update contacts and more... all through your broadband connection.

Get the calling advantages of your dreams!
  • Amazing international rates
  • Unlimited nationwide calling packages
  • Transfer your old number or get a new one
  • Choice of area codes
  • Calling features galore
  • Voicemail access via the internet
  • Control just about any feature with the Personal Account Manager
  • Access your VoiceWing account from a broadband connection

Website: Verizon Freedom Calling
Phone: 1-800-505-6495

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