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SohoStar, a local innovator in the telecommunications industry, announced the launch of its version of the highly coveted converged voice, video and data services for both consumer and business: SohoStar Digital Dialtone. This particular rendering of convergence goes far beyond what is generally available on the market and is substantially less expensive -- good news in light of the rising cost of gasoline creating high costs for commuters.

CEO David Roland's focus has been on self-intelligent telecommunications, integrating smart phones, digital services, the Internet, ISDN and DSL. SohoStar developed its own software and equipment to provide SohoStar Digital Dialtone. The results are a plethora of features new to the market. Other VoIP and ISP providers depend heavily on regular networking or telephone manufacturers, limiting VoIP customers to the "standard fare" of barely working Internet telephone service.

SohoStar Digital Dialtone is loaded with standard phone features but includes unique forwarding and custom handling services such as roll-over, simultaneous cellphone ringing, Video Conferencing and more. SohoStar's VoiceMail includes delivery of messages by phone or MP3 and faxes by PDF in e-mail.

SohoStar's DSL (and rural WiMax this summer) provides quality performance with the flexibility of multiple services on a single connection for tremendous cost savings. With the cost of driving on the rise and telecommuting becoming the choice of many, SohoStar Digital Dialtone creates a seamless experience to connect home offices to businesses as if you were "at your business desk."

Homes with teens can utilize SohoStar's FREE call by e-mail address through their PC, allowing chatty teens to conference in all of their friends without tying up the household's telephone, and yet still answer the house phone through the PC.

Business customers can expect to integrate product inventories with search engines and 4-1-1 to allow customers to find your business by products on your shelf and dial by click, tone, name, or voice.

SohoStar also provides full-screen VHS-quality video streaming for video conferencing/phone calls, on-demand news, weather and information. The quality experience continues with satellite entertainment HDTV provided through our partners.

Roland quips, "We need to put simple tools with familiar technology into all people's hands." SohoStar Digital Dialtone is exactly that.

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