With JAJAH, Talk Isn't Cheap - It's Free!

JAJAH announced free phone-to-phone calls on a global scale. The JAJAH Free Global Calling Plan applies to both landline and mobile phones to many of the most-called places in the world.

"JAJAH's Free Global Calling Plan is the further realization of JAJAH's vision of breaking down the barriers to global communication," said JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf. "People have been predicting free phone calls for years, now JAJAH is the first to actually make free phone calls a reality. With JAJAH, you place a regular call and talk on your phone the way you always have; we simply ask that you dial the call from our website."

The JAJAH Free Global Calling Plan applies to land line and mobile calls to and within: the United States; Canada; China; Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The plan also applies to landline calls to and within: Australia; UK; Germany; France, Italy and most other European nations. It applies when both call participants are registered JAJAH users. In countries where free phone calls are not available, or if someone is calling a non-JAJAH member, calls are simply subject to JAJAH's ultra-low rates, usually less than 3 cents a minute. Registration is free, and no pre-payment is required.

In place of complicated user agreements, JAJAH has created a system that depends on the JAJAH community adhering to a "fair use" policy, which simply asks people to try to keep their calls within a reasonable amount of minutes. To this end, JAJAH will monitor the number of hours per individual user per day to assure that no single person damages the overall service.

JAJAH web-activated telephony is easy to use. You simply enter your own phone number at www.JAJAH.com, then the desired destination number, and click "Call." Your phone will then ring. Pick it up, and you will be instantly connected.

A New, Customer Oriented Model JAJAH believes it should earn its customers' business with better products and services and sees a future where traditional telephone companies take a back seat to innovative low-cost solutions.

"JAJAH's community can only thrive if our customers find our products useful," said Daniel Mattes, JAJAH's co-founder. "We believe we can trust our customers to behave in a manner that best serves the larger community, and we are counting on them using a variety of services beyond free calling."

The JAJAH services As an example of additional services, JAJAH also announced today a series of compelling business offerings such as the JAJAH Business Account. This service lets entire companies take advantage of JAJAH services by enabling them to comprehensively manage multiple users within a single account.

Also announced is an elegant "Call Me" button that lets users easily include a "toll-free" function into their own web site, providing an immediate phone connection to their customers for a fraction of the traditional cost. JAJAH also made available a series of embedded solutions, allowing "direct click through" calling from Microsoft Outlook, Macintosh Address Book and from the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.

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