UM Labs Announces Skype for SIP Support

UM Labs announces support for Skype for SIP. This means that Organisations can now use the UM Labs SIP Controller to simplify the task of linking their corporate PBX to the Skype for SIP service. Skype for SIP offers a number of compelling benefits, including free inbound calls from any Skype user and low cost local numbers for inbound and outbound calls in over 25 countries. A Skype for SIP link requires that the corporate PBX accepts inbound SIP calls over the Internet. The UM Labs SIP Security controller monitors these calls protecting the corporate PBX from a wide range of security threats, many of which are not blocked by a standard Firewall.

UM Labs SIP Controller's current product release 1.4 has been successfully tested - inbound and outbound calls - with Skype's SIP beta program. Current customers can download a Skype for SIP application note from the UM Labs website.

The UM Labs SIP Controller provides significant benefits to any enterprise looking to Skype-enable their PBX. These include:
  • The UM Labs controller simplifies the process of setting up a Skype for SIP connection. Its service enablement features ensure that SIP requests are presented in exactly the format that Skype needs.
  • The UM Labs controller means that a company with any SIP capable PBX is now able to connect to Skype for SIP even if that PBX cannot itself meet Skype's connection requirements.
  • Skype for SIP requires that the company's PBX is connected to the internet, so the SIP specific security provided by the UM Labs product is essential. Standard firewalls cannot block the wide range of SIP security threats that can compromise a corporate PBX.
UM Labs is a pioneer and leader in Voice over IP and Unified Messaging security. The company markets a family of cost effective SIP Security Controllers that easily and securely connect VoIP systems used by enterprises, government, and communications service providers to the public internet. Confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of VoIP are critical considerations for most businesses. Driven by lower bandwidth costs and the promise of increased flexibility, VoIP is quickly becoming a critical tool in the business-to-business landscape. Significant growth in SIP

Trunking and consolidation of voice and data traffic over the public internet are raising new security and interoperability concerns that were previously overlooked. To solve these problems, UM Labs has developed a family of cost effective SIP Security Controllers which can be easily plugged into existing networks to enable SIP connectivity, security and voice encryption.

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