Schools get a Lesson in VoIP

School budget cuts often trigger painful reductions in services and staffing, but it doesn't have to be that way. teaches school administrators that voip can save districts money while adding valuable classroom teaching tools.

Voice over IP (voip) merges voice and data networks into a single, streamlined network that will reduce data bottlenecks and enhance the classroom learning experience. Districts moving to a voip system can expect dramatic reductions in their monthly telecommunication operating costs, less costly maintenance, and big savings when it comes to moving employees and phones from one location to another. Voip's easily scalable system allows for growth or downsizing as the K-12 population fluctuates and its flexible architecture means you can relocate, add, or remove phones with little hassle or additional cost. Another important feature to administrators is voip's ability to allow continued use of existing legacy phones, while gradually phasing in new IP versions.

Teachers will also see the added benefit of new instructional technologies, like real-time streaming video feeds of lectures and presentations. Students who missed class or need a refresher before they tackle homework could feasibly access their teacher's lecture while out of the classroom. This is especially useful for students participating in a hospital school program or convalescing at home; two-way voip video conferencing allows these students to participate in class without compromising their recovery.

Districts often have hard time affording adaptive equipment that allows students with special needs to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms. IP presentation systems, designed to work seamlessly with an existing voip network, are instrumental in helping visually impaired students see the teacher's whiteboard notes.

Voip opens exciting new possibilities to school districts, no matter how small or rural they are. It reduces telecom operating costs and equips teachers with powerful, new ways to engage students and adapt to their needs. For more information about voip and how to take advantage of its capabilities, go to A href="" target=_new rel=nofollow> and check out the extensive voip knowledge center.

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