VoIP Added to Verizon Contact Center Service Suite

Verizon Business, a premier provider of advanced global communications and information technology (IT) solutions, announced that it has added Internet protocol capability to its Verizon Web Center service, enabling businesses to more effectively communicate with customers using both traditional and IP telephony.

Available this month, IP Web Center, a hosted contact center solution, will allow companies to quickly start up or expand their customer communications operations in response to rapidly changing business plans or business continuity requirements.
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Prepaid VoIP Phone Services to be Offered by NetworkIP

NetworkIP, a leader in stored value solutions, has announced it will launch a prepaid Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service for overseas consumers and businesses needing a local US-based phone number accessible from anywhere in the world.

NetworkIP's Prepaid Broadband Phone Service will initially feature telephone numbers from rate centers across the United States with coverage expanding globally in the near future. Additionally, customers will have real-time access to account management features giving them the ability to monitor call history and account balance as well as recharge the account when funds are low. NetworkIP has also certified several industry leading hardware devices as being compatible with the product.
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A quick rundown by MSNBC

I'm not really sure what information MSNBC was trying to share in their "Tip Sheet" on VoIP but maybe for the general user its a little more informative. About a paragraph each on Vonage, Verizon, AT&T, and Cablevision (who isn't really much of a player). So, with that in mind check out their tips at MSNBC.

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Who's Blocking Vonage? SBC and Verizon say its not them.

So which service provider is the guilty party trying to block Voice over IP services from Vonage Holdings? Not us, said two of the nation's largest telecom service providers, SBC Communications and Verizon Communications.
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