Vonage vs Verizon: $58 million in Damages Plus Royalties

A federal jury dealt a blow to Internet phone company Vonage, ruling that it infringed on patents held by Verizon. Vonage was ordered to pay $58 million in damages, plus royalties on future sales.

However, Vonage is delighted that the jury rejected Verizon's meritless claim that we infringed their two billing patents. Of the seven patents Verizon originally sued on, they prevailed on only three and we expect that verdict to be reversed on appeal. The jury's damage award represents a 70% reduction from Verizon's $197MM claim. The jury also unanimously rejected Verizon's claim that Vonage willfully infringed its patents.

In addition, we don't believe there is any basis to support Verizon's request for an injunction and we will have the opportunity to present our position to the trial court shortly. If the trial court does impose an injunction, we will seek an immediate stay from the Federal Court of Appeals. Vonage's customers should see no change to any aspect of their phone service.

It appears the Vonage Fan Van isn't running on four flat tires and will continue to terrorize people by throwing Vonage boxes at peoples heads.

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Study Ranks Verizon Business VoIP No. 1

vblogowhite.gifVerizon Business ranks first in overall strategy for VoIP, according to a recently released Forrester Research study.

The study, "Forrester Wave: US Enterprise-Class VoIP Services, Q1 2007," found that "Verizon Business is best in class on overall voice over Internet protocol VoIP strategy, leading others on technology strategy, planned performance and customer service enhancements, and price."

The findings are particularly significant since businesses are increasingly seeking help transitioning from traditional telecommunications services to IP communications.
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Verizon's Fuzzy Math

I always love reading and hearing audio clipets of customer service rep's talking to customers. Here's a new one thanks to Verizon and George Vaccaro.

Here's an excerpt of his blog and you can read more at the link above along with hearing the audio conversation.

I have a Verizon unlimited data plan in the U.S. and recently crossed the border to Canada. Pior to crossing the border I called customer service to find out what rates I'd be paying for voice and data. The data rate I was quoted was ".002 cents per kilobyte."

I was surprised at the rate so I confirmed it with the representative I spoke to, and she confirmed it "point zero zero two cents per kilobyte." I asked her to note that in my account.

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Verizon Receives Innovation Award for VoIP

vblogowhite.gifFrost & Sullivan has selected Verizon Business to receive the 2006 North American Enterprise VoIP Services Customer Value Enhancement Award. In addition, the firm recently published a report naming Verizon Business as the leading Web conferencing reseller services provider.

"Verizon Business continues to deliver compelling IP-based solutions for the enterprise market," said Lynda Starr, senior analyst, IP communications, for Frost & Sullivan's information and communication technology services. "This sort of focus is essential for service providers to effectively compete by addressing the IP transformation under way today. Businesses benefit from working with a provider that can translate the new capabilities afforded by IP into applications that will enhance business' day-to-day operations and productivity."
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Verizon to Give Away 50 Alienware Computers in 50 Days

Verizon launched its “50 Aliens in 50 Days” computer giveaway sweepstakes to promote the company’s PlayLinc online game messenger. Beginning today and running for 50 days through Dec. 29, Verizon will give away one Alienware Aurora 3500 gaming computer with 17-inch flat-panel monitor to one Verizon PlayLinc user each day. Participants can find out more about how to register for each day’s giveaway
at www.verizon.net/50aliens.

Always free, extremely entertaining and very easy to use, Verizon PlayLinc is a superior game browser and messaging service that allows consumers to use free private servers to play games online and communicate with friends. PlayLinc can be used with any broadband connection, but customers of Verizon’s fiber-based FiOS Internet Service will benefit from the power of a super-high-speed fiber connection directly to their homes.
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Verizon Business VoIP Portfolio Available for International Markets

Verizon Business has announced the availability of its full VoIP portfolio for the International market, offering a full suite of VoIP solutions on a single integrated network-based VoIP platform. New enhancements to the portfolio include a Managed IP PBX service, extended European availability, local language interfaces, local ringtones and additional access methods. The full portfolio offers customers a simple and efficient way to transition their voice and data services to IP technology at their own pace, irrespective of their stage of IP implementation.
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VoIP Hail The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Verizon Business announced the successful deployment of IP voice and data communications systems at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (QEIICC) in London. The QEIICC is using IP Integrated Access, part of Verizon Business' global VoIP services, to support advanced conferencing communications services.

The QEIICC, a conference and exhibition venue situated in the heart of Westminster, is an executive agency of the newly-created Department for Communities and Local Government, and one of the first government agencies to migrate its voice services to a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) system. The venue regularly hosts high-profile public and private-sector clients, such as the Confederation of British Industry, the California Institute of Technology and the Russian Business Federation.
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Verizon Stops Collecting Federal Excise Tax

Verizon has ceased collecting the 3 percent federal excise tax on monthly consumer telephone bills for long- distance and bundled services, effective today, following a decision by the Internal Revenue Service. Customers will be able to obtain a refund or credit from the IRS on their 2006 federal income tax returns for the portion of the excise tax that was applicable to those services and that customers paid over the past three years.
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Exclusive Line of Broadband Headsets to Market

Verizon, a leader in delivering broadband services, and GN Netcom, a world leader in innovative hands-free audio solutions, announced a licensing agreement to introduce a series of Verizon-branded headsets for use with broadband services and applications, including online gaming and IP telephony.
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Verizon Wireless Takes Broadband To Next Level With Nortel

Nortel has been selected to supply Verizon Wireless with one of the industry's most advanced CDMA 1xEV-DO Revision (Rev.) A technology beginning in the third quarter of 2006. This upgrade will provide data speeds significantly faster than current capabilities and meet customer demand for more high-bandwidth, real-time wireless services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video telephony and advanced multimedia applications. Financial details of the agreement are not being disclosed.
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Verizon Wireless to Provide New Services Including VoIP

Verizon Wireless and Lucent Technologies announced that Verizon Wireless has selected Lucent to deploy CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A technology into its nationwide network. Lucent's Rev. A solution, which consists of incremental hardware and software upgrades to Verizon Wireless' existing Lucent-supplied base stations, will enable Verizon Wireless to introduce a range of new services such as enhanced push-to-talk, messaging, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
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Verizon Business Helps iBAHN Quadruple Capacity

Verizon Business announced that iBAHN, a leading worldwide provider of secure wired and wireless broadband services for hoteliers and meeting organizers, will greatly expand the capacity of its Verizon Business Private IP Network. Verizon Business has installed multiple high-speed, high-capacity Private IP network connections, with bandwidth port speeds of up to OC12, quadrupling iBAHN's capacity and enabling hotel guests and staff, as well as meeting planners, to benefit from enhanced service quality.
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Verizon Enhances Service to Secure IP Telephony Systems

Business and government customers will now be able to more effectively identify and manage security risks associated with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) by using Verizon Business' newly enhanced VoIP Security Assessment Service.

The professional service offering -- supported by a Verizon Business team of nearly 300 expert security professionals -- addresses the growing concern over VoIP security at a time when more and more companies are deploying Internet-protocol telephony to anticipate future communications requirements, improve employee productivity and enable employee-mobility programs.
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Vonage Hit with Verizon Lawsuit

Vonage Holdings Corp., a leading provider of broadband telephone services announced that it has been served with a patent infringement lawsuit, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Vonage America, Inc., filed by Verizon Services Corp. and Verizon Laboratories, Inc. relating to voice over the internet (VoIP) technology.
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Verizon Provides Resilience Solution to South Florida

DBK Concepts, a provider of mobile data-collection systems for inventory management, has selected Verizon Business to provide advanced voice and data communications and business resilience services. The services will help enable DBK -- a South-Florida- based company whose customers are Fortune 500 companies in the retail, grocery, whole and transportation industries -- to maintain business operations round the clock, even during severe weather conditions.
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