OnSIP to Leverage Both SIP and XMPP for Complete Unified Communications Offering

Onsip - an affordable small business phone systemJunction Networks announces that it supports Extensible Messaging and Presence on any software or phone, enabling OnSIP customers to take advantage of a complete Unified Communications offering, regardless of the device they use to access it.
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Report: SIP Trunking and Wireless Poised to Bolster Unified Communications Market

Two trends are poised to enhance the richness of unified communications, reports In-Stat. SIP trunking, now touted as a cost-saving mechanism, will ultimately enable interconnection of unified communications islands, thus enriching communications across suppliers, business partners, and customers. Second, the wireless industry’s evolution toward higher data rates is enabling the extension of unified communications to smartphones and other wireless data devices.
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Acrobits Softphone Enables SIP VoIP Calling Over 3G

Acrobits adds the ability to make calls over 3G or Edge networks to Acrobits Softphone, the leading SIP Softphone for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Users will now be able to use the softphone to make or receive calls even when no Wi-Fi connection is available. Combined with Acrobits’ recent addition of universal support for Push Notifications, this is great news for the ever-expanding world of VoIP.

Now that Acrobits Softphone works over 3G, SIP users with an iPhone have a truly portable softphone. You can now make calls with your VoIP account anywhere you have a 3G or Edge connection. And since Acrobits’ Push Notification service allows you to receive calls when the softphone is closed, you can receive calls anywhere you have a 3G or Edge connection as well. “We believe adding 3G capability puts Acrobits Softphone at the forefront of the integral mobile VoIP market,” says Acrobits.
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MeetingZone Adds COLT VoIP to its Conference Service Platform

COLT is providing IP connectivity to support MeetingZone's audio conferencing facilities in the UK and Europe. As the UK's largest independent conference and collaboration service provider, MeetingZone will be adding COLT's SIP Trunking service, COLT VoIP Access, to its audio conferencing services in order to deliver high quality, scalable voice services whilst keeping network and bridging costs to a minimum.
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Matrix Launches the V Phone - A VoIP App for the iPhone

V_Phone_logo.jpgMatrix announces the launch of its proprietary V Phone: wireless and mobile VoIP software for the iPhone platform, which has the immense potential to be a forerunner in the supply of software to VoIP Service Providers and Internet Service Providers.

The V Phone sip client is targeted at IP Telephony companies that are or intend to provide voice and telephony services to end-users. For VoIP Service Providers that are providing home based voice services, the V Phone solution is the ideal opportunity for providers to further boost their revenue stream by offering wireless or mobile VOIP calls. Matrix can provide a white label or branded version of the V Phone that is customised to a provider's specifications. This versatile application can be locked down to a provider's settings, branded with their logo and integrated with the provider's backend system or toolbox.
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sip_forum.jpgThe SIP Forum announces the recent re-election of industry veteran and VoIP pioneer Richard Shockey to the Board of Directors, and the election of Mr. Shockey as new Board Chairman. Additionally, the Forum has re-elected Dr. Eric Burger to the Board of Directors and named him Chairman Emeritus, and elected Dr. Alan Johnston to the Board.

Meanwhile, the SIP Forum announced the reappointment of Marc Robins as Managing Director and President.

The elections were held during the SIP Forum’s Annual General Meeting in San Francisco, on Nov. 3, 2009.
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Acrobits Brings Three New VoIP Competitors to the iPhone App Store

Acrobits releases three new white label clients for the iPhone; PLFon, Telesip and Sipcall. This comes on the heels of their recent announcement to put renewed focus on creating white label softphones for the iPhone. These SIP VoIP providers are now on even footing with the VoIP giants that already have their own softphone applications on the iPhone.
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ONSIP to Support HD Voice for All On Network And Conference Bridge Calls

Onsip - an affordable small business phone systemJunction Networks announces that its OnSIP Virtual PBX is now the first Hosted PBX Service to support HD voice on all on-network and conference bridge calls. OnSIP is now wideband-ready, using SIP compliant, wideband telephony endpoints and conveys the kind of high-definition, in-the-room sound quality that is the next best thing to being there. Further, these high-quality HD calls will continue to be free on-net, thus further reducing telephone costs, while at the same time, offering additional features to users.
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Acrobits Softphone 3.0 Provides Universal Support for Push Notifications on the iPhone

Acrobits released the latest update to Acrobits Softphone last week. With Acrobits Softphone 3.0, they’ve added universal support for call answer on push notifications. This means that users can answer calls from any SIP provider through Apple’s Push Notification Service. Acrobits has the first Softphone on the iPhone to accomplish this, assuring its continued dominance as the leading SIP phone on the iPhone.
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Broadvox SIP Trunking Interoperability Certified with Digium Switchvox Unified Communications Solution

Broadvox_Logo.gifDigium announces Broadvox has achieved interoperability certification with the Digium’s Switchvox SMB business communications system. Broadvox customizes and delivers cost-effective IP communications solutions to SMBs through SIP Trunking and Switchvox offers advanced unified communications capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Interoperability certification allows resellers to deliver unified communications solutions to SMBs that might not have the budget of large corporations, but want to integrate phones, e-mail, chat, video and the Internet to enable better, more efficient communications.
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Dialogic Becomes Digium Interoperability Partner

Dialogic has met the program requirements to become a Digium Interoperability Partner by completing the certification of the Dialogic 1000 Media Gateway Series and the Dialogic 2000 Media Gateway Series for use by the Asterisk community. Digium's Interoperability Partners have products that are complementary to and interface with the open source Asterisk telephony platform. These products interact with Asterisk through a SIP standards-based interface and are now certified by Digium for interoperability with Asterisk Business Edition.
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Broadvox and Xorcom Certify Interoperability of Broadvox SIP Trunking with Xorcom IP PBX

Broadvox_Logo.gifXorcom and Broadvox announces interoperability certification between the Xorcom series of Asterisk-based IP-PBX solutions and Broadvox SIP Trunking services. The bundled offering delivers significant cost savings over traditional telecommunication services for calling in the United States (excluding Alaska), Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands while leveraging the flexibility and reliability of Xorcom's IP-PBX line.
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Acrobits Creates iPhone White Label Softphone Solutions for SIP VoIP Providers

Acrobits announces a new focus on providing SIP VoIP providers with their own custom-made iPhone Softphone. Acrobits can quickly provide a VoIP provider with their own custom iPhone application, allowing their existing customers to make calls via the iPhone. It also opens the door to new subscribers that already have an iPhone.
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CosmoCom Announces SIP Trunking Certifications from AT&T, Global Crossing and XO Communications

CosmoCom has recently been certified for direct SIP Trunking interoperability with AT&T, Global Crossing, and XO Communications. As a pioneer in IP Telephony, CosmoCom has been deployed in dozens of carriers' VoIP networks. The native VoIP architecture of CosmoCall Universe has enabled CosmoCom's IP-based contact center solution to easily integrate with these carriers' VoIP infrastructure.
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Zultys Empowers Voice Solutions Through Internet Telephony Service Providers

Zultys has announced the launch of their Zultys ONE SIP bundles. These bundles provide everything a customer needs to have a full Unified Communications suite of applications running over SIP trunks. Customers can also leverage this deployment as a means of failover or to obtain numbers from different markets.

SIP, being the leading standard for VoIP Communications, is now the choice of all customers who want high availability, increased productivity and reduced costs. To accelerate and launch this deployment, Zultys is working with multiple premier ITSPs. To that end, Zultys has developed solution packages that include the ability to deploy 60 SIP trunks with each of its MX250 SIP Packages called: SIP/20, SIP/50, SIP/100, SIP/200, and pre-licensed with all the software and hardware needed to rapidly deploy a pure SIP solution -- just add phones!
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