Zultys Empowers Voice Solutions Through Internet Telephony Service Providers

Zultys has announced the launch of their Zultys ONE SIP bundles. These bundles provide everything a customer needs to have a full Unified Communications suite of applications running over SIP trunks. Customers can also leverage this deployment as a means of failover or to obtain numbers from different markets.

SIP, being the leading standard for VoIP Communications, is now the choice of all customers who want high availability, increased productivity and reduced costs. To accelerate and launch this deployment, Zultys is working with multiple premier ITSPs. To that end, Zultys has developed solution packages that include the ability to deploy 60 SIP trunks with each of its MX250 SIP Packages called: SIP/20, SIP/50, SIP/100, SIP/200, and pre-licensed with all the software and hardware needed to rapidly deploy a pure SIP solution -- just add phones!

"Our objective was to enable the activation of SIP connectivity and trunking in a simple, elegant and cost efficient manner," said Neil Lichtman, Zultys CEO. "Zultys delivers a standard interface to activate the service with multiple ITSP providers in a matter of minutes not hours." Making communications cost effective, Zultys offers compelling bundled SIP trunk pricing that leverages the 60 free SIP licenses included with every bundle.

All the power of SIP in the elegant simplicity of a single purpose built server with no additional licenses or hardware to purchase: The Zultys difference!

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