OnSIP Announces Free SIP / XMPP Accounts

OnSIP modern bannerJunction Networks announces a new service, getonsip.com, with the sole mission of providing free SIP addresses to the world. With a getonsip.com address, users can communicate with anyone on the Internet via the open protocol SIP.

The team at Junction Networks hopes to encourage more people to “get on SIP” with getonsip.com. By simply filling out a few fields, visitors can get a SIP address in the form of name@getonsip.com for free. They can then register a SIP device or softphone with the credentials sent to them via email. That’s all users need to start making and receiving free calls to and from friends, family, and colleagues who are also using SIP.

An added benefit to the getonsip.com address is that it’s also a jabber IM address. Users can simply sign into an XMPP client(e.g. Adium, Gajim, Pandion, Pidgin, or Psi) with their getonsip.com address and password.

To acquire a free SIP/XMPP address and learn more about SIP phones, visit getonsip.com.

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