4PSA Receives Unified Communications Magazine's 2010 Product of the Year Award

4psa_logo1.gif4PSA announce that TMC has presented VoipNow Professional with its 2010 Unified Communications magazine Product of the Year Award.

"We are proud to receive this award and consider it to be an important recognition of 4PSA's efforts in bringing feature-rich, innovative products and solutions to market. We are constantly improving our VoipNow Unified Communications platform to deliver even more value to companies of all sizes, with various needs and expectations," said Mike Ross, 4PSA's President.

This award comes shortly after the release of VoipNow Cloud Instance, a flexible turn-key offering that combines VoipNow Professional and high-performance Cloud infrastructure. This complete solution, which is deployed almost instantly, takes scalability to a whole new level by allowing service providers to add as many resources as required at any given time, while paying solely for the resources they use.

4PSA's VoipNow Professional, also the winner of the 2010 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, has established itself as an undeniable leader in the field of Unified Communications through its unrivaled performance, high number of features, and convenient multi-tenant design.

"4PSA has proven they are committed to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace. Unified Communications is pleased to grant a 2010 Product of the Year Award for VoipNow Professional," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "We're proud to honor their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to more innovative solutions from 4PSA in the future."

Product of the Year Award winners are published in the April 2011 issue of Unified Communications magazine.

VoipNow Platform was designed to simplify and accelerate the adoption of Unified Communications in the cloud and currently includes VoipNow Professional, the leading UC software solution and VoipNow Automation, a business and operations solution for automating the most important business flows.

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