Confirmed Interoperability Between Brekeke’s Telephony Platform Products and JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite

Brekeke has confirmed interoperability between JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite and Brekeke’s telephony platform products, including Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX. JeraSoft VCS serves telecom operators worldwide with customer usage of up to 500 million minutes per month. This new interoperability between our products allows service providers that use Brekeke’s platform products to add billing capability with minimal deployment time.

Brekeke Software is committed to delivering products that meet growing operational needs and scalability for telephony service providers. As demand for VoIP telephony increases from businesses and home users, the telephony platform needs to provide scalability to respond to demand, reliability to provide uninterrupted service, and high quality to ensure cost-effective operation. JeraSoft’s VoIP billing system meets these goals and brings many additional benefits to service providers, not only with their rich feature set and convenient module options, but also with their proven quality.

A configuration sample for connecting the JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite with Brekeke SIP Server is available at Brekeke’s wiki site here:

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