Is Vonics VoIP Provider Pulling a Disappearing Act?

Vonice_02.gifThis was brought to my attention from a few helpful users posting their comments about Vonics on our VoIP Providers page. It would appear that Vonics has pulled a Harry Houdini with their website and service disappearing into thin air. Here are some recent comments and reviews of Vonics services:

From The Roadkill: Does anyone know what is going on with Vonics? They told me 2 days ago they were having Switch issues "Due to recent changes made at our switch level, one of our CLEC’s has run into problems with a very small number of Vonics subscriber phone numbers pointing to the right equipment"

Now all of a sudden I have no phone service, no way to reach them (emails have gone un-answered) any number I can find for them all seem to come up disconnected. Even the website has gone dark. (ie can't connect) Oddly I reached them yesterday and logged into the account and website yesterday. Help!!!

From Freddy: "Same problem here - no service. Website gone. Can't ping any of their addresses. Looks like they vanished. Good Luck. They suck big time. Luckily I only have 2 months left."

From Russell: "Vonics has vanished... Yesterday my phone died. For the last 2 months I have been unable to reach them via phone or email. Their website is gone too. Now I am left with 15 months of service and no phone."

Overall just looking at users comments on Vonics it would appear this companies service has been very hit or miss and usually a miss. You can read all the users comments and reviews posted on our VoIP Providers page.

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