Orb Enables Live TV on iPhone and iPod Touch

Orb Networks announces the world's first way to stream live TV to the iPhone and iPod touch. For the first time, iPhone users can enjoy the immediacy of live sporting events and fast-breaking news on their phone.

"TV on the iPhone is now real," said Joe Costello, CEO of Orb Networks. "Steve Jobs may think that buying shows from iTunes is the same as watching TV, but iPhone users know better. When the NBA playoffs are on, you want to see the game, live, wherever you are. Free."

Orb was the first company to enable the live streaming of TV from users' homes to almost any mobile phone with a streaming player and a web browser. To get around the iPhone's extreme limitations on supported video formats, Orb created a special application, OrbLive, to enable the streaming of any video format to iPhones.

"Although the iPhone provides users with a great way to experience the web, it offers a ridiculously sub-par streaming video experience. When all the carriers' free phones can stream lots of things that my iPhone can't, something's seriously wrong. OrbLive finally brings the iPhone's streaming video experience up to par with other mobile phones," said Costello.

Step 1: On your PC Works on Windows PCs or on Macs running Parallels or Fusion

1. Install the Orb streaming application
2. Create your login and password
3. To watch live TV or a webcam you will need a TV turner card or webcam attached to your PC

Need a tuner card? 4. Leave your PC on and connected to the Internet so it can stream stuff to your iPhone or iPod touch

Step 2: On your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch
You must have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch to get OrbLive (Haven't yet jailbroken your iPhone? We like ZiPhone*)

1. Click on the Installer icon in your iPhone app menu
2. Click the Install icon at the bottom
3. Scroll through the list of categories and click on Multimedia
4. Click on OrbLive
5. Click Install at top right
6. Click Install in the popup that appears
7. When the package has installed, go to your iPhone app menu and click the OrbLive icon
8. Enter the login and password you created when you installed Orb on your PC
9. Enjoy!

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