VOIP Technology Quick Guide Released by Javvin

Javvin Technologies has just published the VOIP Technology Quick Guide. Designed for networking and telecom engineers, IT admins and communication technology educators and students, this VOIP technology quick guide covers all related technologies: the VOIP Protocols, the network architecture based on all major signaling technologies: SIP, H.323 and xGCP, VOIP transport and QoS technologies, and video and audio codecs. A comprehensive VOIP Glossary is also included for quick reference.

The highlights of the VOIP Quick Guide are listed below:
  • A comprehensive VOIP technology guide for networking and telecom professionals.
  • An easy to use training reference for telecom and data networking technology students to get an overall picture of VOIP communications.
  • VOIP network architecture and communication protocols.
  • Covers all major VOIP signaling technologies, such as SIP, H.323 and xGCP (H.248).
  • Presents VOIP transport and QoS technologies.
  • Detailed information on commonly used video and audio codecs.
  • Comprehensive glossary and dictionary for the VOIP technologies and applications.
  • Designed by experts with decades of experience in data and tele- communication industries.
The details of the VOIP Quick Guide can be found at http://www.javvin.com/voip-guide.html.

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