VoIP Monitor Staff Vacation Photos from St. Lucia

Some of you might have noticed that VoIP Monitor went without updates for nearly two weeks in mid September. The reason being our staff and friends went on vacation to St. Lucia! Since today's a rather slow news day, it has allowed me time to gather up some pictures to share from our trip. Enjoy!

Here are two pictures of the Piton's from our airplane flight to the island. The top picture being Petit Piton (743m). In the second picture the Gros Piton (770m) with a small white sail boat to give you an idea of just how large these volcanic plugs are. We then landed and enjoyed a one hour drive towards the northern part of the island with a great tour guide pointing out all sorts of landmarks and sharing great historical information about St. Lucia. Who knew that George Foreman has his own mansion on the island?

We stopped about half way through the drive for a quick rest break, photo shoot, and beer run. Whatever you'd like to call it and I snapped some great photos, but I happen to like this scenic shot the best. Apparently you can have open alcoholic beverages in the vechicals as long as the driver isn't partaking in the drinking. ;)

Here are some great sunset pictures that my cousin snapped from the Sunset Bar at Sandals Regency. We enjoyed many drinks, a beautiful sunset, and good times with friends.

Here is a picture of me (Judson) enjoying our zip-line/canopy tour. We had a blast with this excursion which included multiple zip-lines some of which were nearly 500ft in length. This excursion also helped to get us off the Sandals Regency grounds. We enjoyed more site seeing and learning much more about the island and it's inhabitants.

We also decided to visit the Sandals Grande about 30 minutes north of our resort the Regency. Here are some beach photos of clear waters and white sands. (PS: those aren't my legs!) We wish we could have spent more time lounging and taking in the intense sun-rays, but we had to leave early to catch our next excursion.

We then took a shuttle back to our resort to catch our catamaran (booze cruise party boat). I was a little worried having saved this for our last excursion before flying out the next morning at 7:15am. Boy was it worth it!! The catamaran trip was a 2+ hour blast with once again free drinks, food, fun music, and lots of great people to meet. The top picture is of myself (Judson) and my cousin Curtis at the back of the catamaran and we all enjoyed another beautiful sunset sipping on champagne.

This is a nice group photo of everyone who went on the trip and enjoyed 7 days of all-inclusive vacation at the Sandals Regency this past September. After flying back state side four of us enjoyed the rest of the weekend touring in St. Louis, MO and visiting Irish pubs, Clubs, and enjoying a vacation that was well earned! Maybe, I'll be able to post some of those photos soon as well.

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