RakWeb VoIP Telephony Services for Mobile Devices

raketu-logo.gifRaketu announces that its RakWeb VoIP telephony services are available for use on mobile devices. Consumers who use mobile devices like the Nokia E70 that run on the Symbian operating system, Mobile Windows Smartphone models 8125/8525, and Linux-based mobile devices like the Nokia 770 will now be able to access RakWeb from their mobile handsets. RakWeb is entirely web-based and does not require consumers to download any software. Consumers simply visit www.Raketu.mobi from their mobile device Web browser, enter their mobile number, then enter the destination number, and Raketu connects the lines at a fraction of the cost of traditional calling rates.

“With the launch of RakWeb for mobile devices, Raketu now offers consumers more ways to access VoIP telephony services than any other VoIP service,” said Greg Parker, CEO of Raketu Communications. “Regardless of your Internet connection or technical know-how, Raketu offers a way to access VoIP services easily and affordably.”

Raketu runs over any Internet connection from broadband to dial-up and offers consumers three options to access their Raketu account for free to lowest cost VoIP calling rates globally:
  • Totally Free: Raketu to Raketu calling anywhere in the world, requires both users running Raketu’s LaunchPad desktop application.
  • Mostly Free: RakOut Dial-out VoIP service, requires one user on Raketu, the other on landline/mobile phone. RakOut offers free calling to locations in over 40 countries around the world, and the lowest published rates on all other calls.
  • Practically Free: RakWeb calling requires no software downloads with both users on traditional mobile or landline phones. This service can be used by anyone with access to a web browser via www.Raketu.com or www.Raketu.mobi - including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX. Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and Linux mobile.

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