Nuvoiz Launches Enterprise VoIP Softphone at DEMO 07

Nuvoiz launches the company's first products, the Nuvoiz SoftPhone and the Nuvoiz VoIP Network Controller at the DEMO 07 conference in Palm Desert, California.

"Nuvoiz's CEO and founder Jin Koh has a focused and passionate vision for VoIP in the enterprise, particularly mobile VoIP, and we are thrilled to have him launch Nuvoiz's first products here with us," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO.

Enterprise Solutions for VoIP

While gaining in popularity among consumers, VoIP in enterprise settings is often problematic. In the enterprise, VoIP must meet more extensive user and network management requirements especially in the areas of mobility and integration into enterprise networks.

Nuvoiz believes it has successfully addressed these requirements with a complete VoIP system that finally enables wide scale adoption of VoIP in the enterprise.

"A consumer product like Skype just doesn't work for the enterprise," said Chong-Jin Koh, founder and CEO of Nuvoiz, Inc. "Enterprise users want a VoIP application with terrific sound quality that is IM-based, intuitive, and mobile, while enterprise IT executives demand a scalable, secure, and easy-to-deploy VoIP system. Nuvoiz is the first to deliver on both imperatives."

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