SIP Trunking Solution, a nationwide provider of complete business telecom services, announced the launch of its SIP Trunking VoIP product. SIP Trunking is used extensively by businesses that have purchased SIP-enabled IP PBXs to replace their traditional phone system in an effort to lower-cost and benefit from more flexible voice services.'s SIP Trunking product eliminates the need for additional hardware to convert TDM traffic to VoIP, providing a simple end-to-end SIP VoIP connection to the Company's network of carrier gateways. This product is unique in that it allows a business to oversubscribe each VoIP trunk; this enables any company to purchase trunks only for the number of concurrent calls they support, rather than buying one for each individual employee.

By implementing's SIP Trunking product, users are able to extend the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP to their IP PBXs without upgrading or buying new hardware. will offer the product including unlimited incoming and local calls and very competitive long distance rates, for under $.02 cents per minute.

" continues to respond to changing market dynamics and customer requests by creating a solution that reduces the cost of telecommunications, simplifies IP PBX technology and enables new forms of business communications across traditional boundaries," said Henry Kaestner, CEO of " recognizes that many of our customers prefer premise based systems, and that deploying a PBX can be the best option for many of them. At the same time these customers want to take advantage of the cost savings of business class VoIP, and our SIP Trunking product does just that. By offering SIP Trunking in addition to hosted voice services, we continue our goal of providing the products that enable businesses to communicate using the most advanced technology platforms available."

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