IPeerX Partners with PhoneGnome

IPeerX, Inc., a subsidiary of Pulver.com Enterprises, announced that it has completed a VoIP interconnection and peering agreement with TelEvolution, developer of PhoneGnome the plug-and-play appliance that adds free Internet calling and advanced VoIP features to existing telephone service. This agreement expands PhoneGnome's free calling beyond other PhoneGnome users to an additional four million VoIP users who are part of the IPeerX extended network.

"The partnership with IPeerX gives PhoneGnome owners the ability to tap into a global network of VoIP service providers by connecting them with IPeerX customers, enabling them to make free phone calls worldwide," said David Beckemeyer, CEO and founder of TelEvolution. "PhoneGnome enables owners to make phone calls over the Internet without additional costs, just like email. The IPeerX relationship brings our vision is one step closer to reality."

IPeerX provides VoIP peering services, linking IP Communications networks together to route calls around the more expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). IPeerX switches traffic and completes calls with over 130 service providers in the IPeerX network of more than four million end users. IPeerX end users will now be able to call PhoneGnome customers without having calls handed off to the traditional telephone network, thus avoiding PSTN access or toll charges.

"The more calls that can be completed without utilizing the traditional telephone service, the faster VoIP will grow, and the sooner customers can realize the benefits of large scale VoIP use," said Kingsley Hill, president of IPeerX. "Our agreement with TelEvolution is very significant to the overall marketplace. IPeerX is proud to be partnering with TelEvolution, the company that makes the revolutionary voice technology product PhoneGnome."

PhoneGnome is a fully plug and play VoIP appliance, available for a one time purchase price, with no monthly fees, no subscription fees, and no activation charges. PhoneGnome works with the existing telephone service. 911 is not affected and the telephone still works when the power goes out or the Internet is down.

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