BroadSoft & Vonair Joint Venture to Optimize VoIP Management

BroadSoft, the leading provider of VoIP application software, and Vonair, a carrier-class multimedia communications software company, announced that they have entered into a joint venture to develop, market and distribute a VoIP client management solution. The collaboration, called Netria, will focus on resolving client management challenges such as integration, deployment and management of SIP-based customer premises equipment (CPE) for service providers globally. Additionally, BroadSoft has entered into a reseller agreement with Netria, whereby BroadSoft will resell products developed by Netria.

The new company will develop a flexible client management system (CMS) solution that resolves the integration problems posed by today's proprietary and vendor-specific solutions by providing multi-vendor support and scalability to support millions of end points. Independent of service delivery platform and fully compliant with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards, the solution will integrate end user terminals with hosted services in the network, enabling service providers to rapidly deploy and manage large-scale service offerings while simplifying the configuration of advanced features on IP phones and PC-based softphones.

Based on open standards interfaces and designed to operate seamlessly in an IMS environment, the Netria CMS will perform the following primary functions:
  • Configuration profile management for multi-vendor intelligent CPE deployment
  • Software upgrades to deploy new features on existing devices and clients
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring features for ongoing service management
The system will help service providers generate new and increased ARPU by facilitating usage of enhanced services as well as rapid deployment of new, high-value services and bundled offerings.

According to Becky Watson, Program Manager of Stratecast Partners, a communications industry analyst firm, "The seamless integration and automation of CMS solutions mean that providers can deliver services faster, more easily and more conveniently. For example, when a customer wants a service upgrade, the provider can use software to deliver the upgrade rather than updating the physical phone. With the Netria system, users will have the right features in real-time, on phones they are familiar with, and gain the full functional value from enhanced hosted service offerings as quickly as possible. This client-focused joint venture supports BroadSoft's vision to enrich the user experience by offering innovative client applications and the means to manage SIP-based clients effectively."

"This joint venture enables us to address the complex integration and scalability challenges in the growing VoIP market, said Michael Tessler, president and CEO of BroadSoft. "With today's VoIP technology, proprietary vendor-specific solutions can no longer meet carriers' needs. The Netria CMS will offer service providers a simpler approach to deployment and management, enabling them to bring new services to market quickly, increase ARPU for enhanced services, and prepare for future service offerings with this flexible and robust system."

"Vonair's expertise in multimedia software creation made the company the ideal partner to develop Netria's CMS technology," added Tessler. "Increasing integration between network services and end-user IP phones and softphones will deliver enhanced services all the way to the user environment."

"Managing, upgrading and troubleshooting today's complex phones and networks pose new challenges for service providers and end users," said Aziz Ahmad, CEO and co-founder of Vonair. "BroadSoft understands the VoIP market and brings to Netria the industry-leading BroadWorks platform as well as deep experience in identifying customer requirements and developing server products. The powerful combination of BroadSoft's VoIP expertise and Vonair's real-time software development expertise will allow us to deliver an integrated solution that helps shorten the time to market and increase revenues for service providers' enhanced voice and multimedia services."

Under the terms of the collaboration, Vonair will provide engineering resources and BroadSoft will manage marketing, product management and sales. Netria and its partners have offices in Gaithersburg, Md., New York, Montreal, and Bangladesh.

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