Spanish Language VoIP Service - VOZSIP Launched

Cordia Corporation, a global communications service provider, announced that it has successfully launched VOZSIP a fully integrated Spanish language VoIP service. As an integral part of Cordia's plans to expand its addressable market globally, VOZSIP will provide the approximately 330 million Spanish speaking people in the world with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Cordia's VoIP service offerings in their native language.

"We have designed VOZSIP, since inception, to be a purely Spanish language experience," said Cordia's Director of Latin Markets, Gabriel Wajner. "Spanish speaking people are a rapidly growing segment of the global population. Users of telecommunications services in Spanish speaking countries are highly mobile with an international focus making them valuable customers. VOZSIP was created to serve this market by offering quality services and ease of use that Spanish speaking people expect to receive."

"The launch of VOZSIP is a significant step in our global expansion plans," added Joel Dupre, Cordia's Chairman and CEO. "In conjunction with the launch of VOZSIP, we are introducing over 20 targeted country plans providing additional value to customers communicating within and without specific countries. We are in the process of designing additional sites to serve specific needs of additional customers around the world. As we enter new markets, it is critical for us to deliver our services in a manner providing our global customers with a valuable and comfortable experience."

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