Cbeyond Reaches 20,000 Customers and Four Billionth VoIP Minute

Cbeyond Inc., a managed service provider of VoIP communications, reached two important milestones today, installing its 20,000th small business customer and processing the four billionth minute of VoIP traffic since the network went live in early 2001. Cbeyond operates one of the largest fully-managed VoIP networks for delivering integrated local, long-distance and broadband services.

Because Cbeyond manages the broadband connection, customers receive the same level of voice quality that traditional telephone companies provide. Many other VoIP companies deliver voice as an application over the public Internet where quality is "best efforts" and highly dependent on the Internet connection.

Cbeyond provides small businesses with high-speed Internet, local and long-distance phone service, and a variety of managed services that simplify communications for busy entrepreneurs. In addition to basic voice and data services, small business owners rely on Cbeyond for email, data backup and filesharing, fax to email, Web hosting and more, and only have to deal with one provider, one bill, one online account management tool and one customer support number. The company serves more than 20,000 customers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Houston. Its 100 percent, Cisco-based VoIP network has now processed four billion minutes of traffic in service to business customers.

"We built our entire business model and service offering to satisfy the communication needs of entrepreneurs," said Jim Geiger, founder and CEO of Cbeyond. "Our integrated communication packages make it easy for busy entrepreneurs to select the communication services they need, and manage those services quickly and easily--without the need for a dedicated IT staff."

That's what attracted Aspen Medical Monitoring, the 20,000th customer. Prior to using Cbeyond, the company had multiple providers for its local phone service, long distance and Internet.

"We chose Cbeyond because its integrated package simplifies our service and saves us money--$500 a month at least", said Denise Ery, the owner of Aspen Medical Monitoring. "Before, I had three different providers for local phone, long distance and Internet service. It's much simpler for me to deal with only one provider and receive a consolidated bill. With Cbeyond, I still have all the services I need, including a toll-free number and Web hosting."

Cbeyond's laser-like focus on small business has been a cornerstone for its success, as evidenced by the more than 30 percent of new customers each month that are referrals from existing customers and partners.

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