SOYO Releases Adapter Solution for e911 Problem

SOYO Group Inc., a leading global provider of computer, consumer electronics and broadband telecommunications products, today launched an easy and immediate solution to the critical e911 problem facing the VoIP industry. SOYO's adapter will also allow users to instantly switch between their existing phone line and VoIP.

SOYO's VoIP phone adapter is designed to seamlessly work on most VoIP networks. In addition to solving the e911 problem, the adapter, expected to have a MSRP of $75, will let consumers turn ordinary landline and cordless phones into VoIP phones using any broadband connection.

Another market for this device is the cable provider market. Many are offering bundled solutions without long distance. As an example, consumers can purchase cable, high-speed Internet, and local telephone service. Long distance service, however, is often provided by a larger Telco, like MCI or AT&T. With this new solution companies may now be able to partner with VoIP carriers or even offer their own VoIP solutions.

Ming Chok, chief executive officer of SOYO, said, "We wanted a solution that would help the entire VoIP industry. By eliminating what many have called a major hurdle holding back widespread adoption of VoIP, we expect our adapter will now help drive increased usage of VoIP as a long-distance solution for home and business users. We designed our adapter to work with all major VoIP carriers in order to provide a solution to as many people as possible."

SOYO's VoIP phone adapter, an analog telephone adapter (ATA), is compact and portable. It has one LAN Ethernet port, one FXS port and one PSTN pass through port. The LAN port provides connection to the Internet through a WAN router, a DSL modem or a cable modem. The FXS port provides a connection for a regular telephone at home or in an office.

"Another exciting benefit of our adapter is that it will allow users to turn the landline and cordless phones they are comfortable using into far cheaper VoIP phones," continued SOYO's CEO, Chok. "In fact, our adapter will eliminate costly long-distance fees altogether by letting people adopt a VoIP-only solution. The VoIP market is rightfully the focus of a great deal of attention worldwide from major companies and upstarts. The compelling cost benefits alone will continue to revolutionize communications, as we know it today. SOYO is positioned to benefit from the expected growth and will continue to roll out products to capitalize on VoIP demand worldwide."

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