Zoom 5900 Phone Adaptor for Skype Now Available at Select Wal-Marts

Zoom Technologies announce their Model 5900 Phone Adaptor for Skype is available through more than two thousand selected Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. The adapter is also available on-line at www.walmart.com. The Model 5900 allows purchasers to use any phone, even a cordless phone, for Skype calls.

Wal-Mart has taken a leading role in introducing American consumers to the significant savings available through the Skype phone service. The Zoom Adaptor for Skype makes the service as easy to use as a standard telephone.
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Digium Introduces Asterisk Fast Start Training

digium_logo.gifDigium announces a new training course – Asterisk Fast Start. The entry-level course provides an introduction to Asterisk, telephony and the Linux environment, making the world’s most widely used open source telephony software more accessible than ever before.

The goal of the course is to give participants an introduction to Asterisk covering such topics as installation, configuration and the basic operation of Asterisk. Participants do not need a background in Linux, telephony or Asterisk to participate. The course will take participants through all the steps from a freshly installed Linux computer to a fully configured and working Asterisk implementation.
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Mobivox and Unyk Partner to Expand Voice-Activated Mobile Services

mobivox_logo.jpgMobivox partners with Unyk, creators of the global Internet-based “intelligent address book.” With its deployment of Mobivox|PL, Unyk will offer its rapidly growing, 10-million user base the ability to navigate their address books, place low-cost calls around the world and use other advanced Mobivox voice-activated telephony services from any phone.
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fring Comes to iPhone App Store

fring_logo.pngfring is now available for all Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners, enabling them to talk, chat and interact with other fring users (“fringsters”) and all of their online communities (Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! & AIM) using their device’s internet connection.

A special preview R&D version of fring’s popular mobile communication and community application was made available for the iPhone earlier this year (15th April 2008) making it the first of its kind to appear on the device. A phenomenal response was received to this world first, and since then fring has been gathering feedback on usage and experience and has used this data to develop the new best in breed version, available today on the Apple App Store.
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PhoneFusion Wins Telephony Innovation Award

PhoneFusion_logo.jpgPhoneFusion has been awarded the 2008 Telephony Innovation Award for Most Innovative Mobile Service for its Fusion Voicemail Plus offering. PhoneFusion finished in a tie for this award with ChaCha.

Fusion Voicemail Plus is a free mobile handset application that provides an innovative user interface to visually display, select and listen to voicemail messages. It integrates voicemail messages from multiple voicemail systems into a central location, displaying text headers containing unique identifiers, including true caller ID names. With a simple tap of a button, users can quickly scroll, select and listen to messages in order of choice. The service runs on top of a broadband data offering from a wireless provider.
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Verizon's International Calling Plan Lets Consumers Call 118 Countries

Verizon FreedomVerizon customers who make frequent calls from their home phone to other countries can now add the Verizon International Single Rate plan to their service and get great rates for up to 500 minutes of calling a month.

Customers with a Verizon Freedom voice plan can add the International Single Rate plan for $10 per month for 300 minutes (five hours) or $15 per month for 500 minutes (more than eight hours). Verizon Freedom Essentials is a common component of Verizon's bundled offerings of voice, broadband Internet and video services.

Customers who do not have a Verizon Freedom voice plan can enroll in the International Single Rate plan for $14.99 per month for 300 minutes or $19.99 per month for 500 minutes.
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