Amitelo African Rollout and Kick Off Conference

Subsequent to the Amitelo African Kick off conference held on 22.06.06, attended by the Ministers of African states and presidents of incumbent African telecom companies, the Moroccan Prime Minister, Mr. Driss Jettou and Mr. Hassan Bernoussi Director of External Investment received the Board of Directors of Amitelo AG on Friday 23rd June 2006 for the purposes of the discussion and presentation of the rollout of the VoIP products and services of Amitelo in Morocco and further into other African states.

The policy of the Moroccan Government has been, and continues to be, supportive of other, less commercial, African states and therefore the enablement of VoIP services in manufacturing and service provision in Morocco is a model that can be repeated and further supported by the Government into these states.

The Minister the business presentation of the Amitelo vision for Africa and this encompassed both the social and economic advantages presented by the Moroccan Amitelo VoIP roll out. The presentation demonstrated the Amitelo pilot project now in place to create five thousand new VoIP call shops over the next three years, at a cost of EUR 25'000.00 per call shop, a total project value of over EUR 40 Million per year. The technical planning will be performed by AMITELO'S call shop specialist Median Telekom GmbH's VoIP who currently deployed the 3rd generation call shop solution in Germany and Spain (with Sunline Communications SL, another Group member). The social and economic advantages of this project were discussed at length and an immediate alignment with current Government policy and directives was discovered.

The Prime Minister stated that scheme had been recently launched entitled "Mon Travail", a scheme by which qualifying individuals are able to access grant money from the Government to commence in self-employment, a new concept in Morocco. The grants of up to EUR 25'000 are only accessible for use in Government approved business schemes. As such, the Amitelo call shop franchise scheme is perfectly aligned as a qualifying prospective business for the applicant. The method of access to the grant scheme for the applicant is to undertake two years mandatory education and pass the relevant examinations, at which point the applicant is entitled to select from the dossier of government approved businesses, in which the Amitelo call shop solution would be prominent. As a Government recommended business, Amitelo projects enormous growth and fast roll out for the call shop franchise offering in Morocco.

The Prime Minister stated that Amitelo had indeed arrived at the "bon moment" that is to say, the correct time and that the stated policy of Amitelo was in full alignment with that of the Moroccan Government. The Prime Minister stated "the Government of Morocco is with Amitelo, will support Amitelo and will assist Amitelo in any way possible in its economic growth and social undertakings in Morocco". "The Government is with you" (Amitelo) The Prime Minister stated.

This Governmental support at the highest level will assist greatly in the stated roll out of VoIP services and products of Amitelo in Morocco in 2006 and further into the remainder of the decade. Also the stated financial commitment of the Moroccan Government regarding the assistance of projects in other African states will assist the roll out of Amitelo's vision for Africa in the most expedient manner possible.

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Brian Jerome
Wednesday, 30 August 2006 19:41
Amitelo is KNOWINGLY using Market Networks Inc. proprietary VoIP billing software illegally. They purchased a FAKE company here in Canada that was started by Michael Angebrandt, who is the person who took an illegal copy of our proprietary VoIP billing software, renamed it and has been selling it all over the world. Amitelo was told about this scammer before the deal was even thought of. They just went in behind my back and bought the fake company thinking it would be okay to then call the software their own. You can learn more at the site that is linked.


Brian Jerome
Brian Jerome
Monday, 07 May 2007 23:42
Angebrandt and Stevenson have now gone ahead and attempted to extort $69 million dollars from Amitelo. They have been contacting their shareholders and have told them MANY lies.

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