Truphone Launches Mobile Calls Over the Internet-Even When You're not Connected

truphone_logo.jpgTruphone has enhanced its service to enable customers make mobile calls across the internet even when they're on the move and thus not connected to the internet. The announcement of Truphone Anywhere is a boost to mobile phone users desperate to circumvent the high cost of calling abroad when they're out and about. Truphone Anywhere benefits customers while they are in ordinary mobile reception by automatically sending the long-distance part of their call over the internet, significantly reducing the total cost of the call.

Truphone Anywhere involves no calling card, no access number, and no funny business - customers just dial and save. Truphone Anywhere calls simply take a fraction longer to set up than usual and it works as follows:
  • when an international number is dialled, the Truphone software detects what is happening and takes over automatically
  • instead of allowing the international call to be made over the handset's usual GSM network, Truphone Anywhere makes a domestic call to your local Truphone server and sends to the server the international number being called
  • the Truphone server then makes an internet call to that number and connects that long-distance internet call with the domestic call
  • the customer pays only for the call to the local Truphone server (this is likely to be free if the customer has 'bundled minutes' with his/her GSM operator) plus Truphone charges for the internet portion of the call, which are as little as Pounds Sterling 0.03/minute (US$0.06/min) to call any regular landline in more than 40 countries
  • throughout this process the customer does not need to do anything differently except acknowledge, once, that Truphone Anywhere will route this particular call; in every other respect everything happens automatically, invisibly and almost instantly
  • technically, this technique is known as call-through
  • in some instances, such as when using Truphone Anywhere abroad, the handset sends an initial SMS to the Truphone server instead of calling it. The Truphone server then calls back to the handset and simultaneously makes an internet call to the called party, connecting the calls together at Truphone's server; however this all remains transparent to the mobile user. This variation on the technique is known as call-back.
Truphone Anywhere is typically of most benefit to customers making calls from their home country to international numbers, and this is the default setting for Truphone Anywhere. Advanced users may choose to make Truphone Anywhere the default calling mechanism for other call scenarios - for example, depending on the customer's tariff with their usual operator, Truphone Anywhere may also save money on international calls made when roaming abroad.

Truphone Anywhere can significantly reduce call costs compared to standard international tariffs:
- UK example: to make a 10 minute call from the UK to an Australian
  - price with Orange Pay Monthly: Pounds Sterling 0.50/min x 10 equals
     Pounds Sterling 5.00
  - price with Truphone Anywhere: Pounds Sterling 0.03/min x 10 equals
     Pounds Sterling 0.30
  - how: an in-bundle call to Truphone's UK server, plus a Pounds
     Sterling 0.03/min Truphone call to an Australian landline.

- USA example: to make a 10 minute call from the USA to a Chinese landline:
  - price with AT&T International Dial Standard rates: $3.49/min x 10
     equals $34.90
  - price with AT&T World Connect (additional $3.99 per month):
     $0.15/min x 10 equals $1.50
  - price with Truphone Anywhere: $0.06/min x 10 equals $0.60
  - how: an in-bundle call to Truphone's USA server, plus a $0.06/min
     Truphone call to a Chinese landline.
Truphone's 'Tru Zone' pricing means call charges are always predictable and low, without any additional calling plan or change to a contract.

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