Close More Sales and Improve Service with getClickToCall

getClickToCall presents innovative click-to-call services for any writer, publisher, blogger, pod caster or marketer of any kind with our simple to use, prepaid click to call application.

Click-to-call services are one of the latest marketing and services tool to be built on VOIP applications. offers a state of the art click to call platform connecting customer prospects directly to your telephone when they are visiting your website or reading your blog, pod cast, video blog, press release or article. It is the next generation sales and support tool for e-commerce and publishers that provides high conversion and sale through closing rates, with a great ROI.

Here are just a few of the features you can immediately benefit from by adding getClickToCall services to your website, blogging, pod casting or article and press release publications:

Websites - Companies, consultants, developers, agencies and service providers
- Lower customer abandonment due to long "on-hold" times or busy signals, customers get called back when a live person is ready to talk to them
- Increase customer loyalty with the ability to talk to a live person at any time during the sales or support cycle, customers have cited responsive customer service as the deciding factor when choosing between on line retailers
- Convert more visitors and decrease your marketing costs per sale, its a fact that customers that get live pre-sales support are more likely to buy
- 100% "pay for what you use". No monthly fees, no setup fees, no annual fees. Just flat rate per minute billing! That means you prepay for what you plan to use without extra fees.

Publishers - Blogs, pod casts, video blogs, articles, ebooks and press releases.
- Host your click2call link on your server and website for easy utility ( will host our client and partner application behind the scenes free of charge)
- Include your ClickToCall link or script into each of your postings, articles, or press releases with a simple one-click link for click to call either in your signature or contact areas.
- Simplify your prospects ability to call you anywhere your article, pod cast or press release is published with a fast, easy and flexible click to call service.
- Your click to call application or link will be included in all of your emails and RSS feeds syndicated and picked up by third parties.
- Close more sale’s, improve customer service and enhance the publishing process with a highly-valued user experience and sales tool.

Our click-to-call services are offered as a pay-as-you-go service where you only pay for calls made. There are no monthly fees, no long term contracts and you control how and where it is used.

Setup is quick and easy. Anyone can start realizing the benefits of click to call services in about five minutes. Best of all, you can stop losing customers who get frustrated with waiting on hold. Even better, your customers will never get a busy signal. Their phone rings when you are ready to take their call. It's that simple.

getClickToCall features include:

- Multiple "ring to" numbers
- Crystal clear connections
- Email alerts for missed calls
- Scalable to handle all your calls
- Detailed call reports
- "Always on" network delivers calls
- Supports unlimited departments for large implementations and call centers
- 24/7 Customer Support

The click to call revolution is now. No matter what your business type or publishing method, you are losing customers everyday. That means you are losing opportunities to make sales. Now, even if you can't immediately accept a customer's call, you still manage to get their phone number and speak with them directly.

You can find more information online at ClickToCall to talk to us now.

You can find useful tips and applications on our click to call blog

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