TalkPlus to Introduce New Voice 2.0 Services

TalkPlus announced plans to revolutionize the way people use mobile phones by offering new and innovative Voice 2.0 calling services that work with existing mobile phones globally. Under development for more than two years, TalkPlus’ patent-pending technology will provide customers a wide array of new and advanced calling services previously unavailable from mobile phone carriers.

“We are very excited to unveil our new offerings, which will expand what people can do with their phones,” said Jeff Black, founder and CEO, TalkPlus. “TalkPlus has invested a significant amount of time and thought into creating robust solutions that meet people’s needs for greater flexibility and privacy in their mobile lives.”

First Offering: A Second Number That Works on Your Mobile Phone

With an additional phone number from TalkPlus, mobile users can now take advantage of having two numbers on their mobile phone. This additional mobile number is fully functional and unique; it works just like a mobile number issued by a carrier. By having a separate number to both place and receive calls on the same phone, subscribers get greater convenience and flexibility, as well as the benefit of an additional layer of privacy. With a second number, TalkPlus subscribers will be able to easily manage personal and work lives, while carrying only one mobile phone.

Subscribers will also benefit from an online management center, where they can easily control the TalkPlus Number’s advanced call screening, voicemail, and contact management features.

First Market: Online Dating

The TalkPlus Number is applicable to a wide variety of people, including small business owners, lawyers, doctors, business executives, and consultants, as well as members of virtual and real world communities.

Perfect for the online dating market, TalkPlus provides an additional layer of security and reassurance to individuals who are in frequent contact with new acquaintances and want a higher level of privacy. With a completely unique TalkPlus number for placing and receiving dating-related calls, as well as with a contact center for better managing those relationships, TalkPlus provides greater flexibility and privacy control to the dating subscriber.

“In looking at the market that TalkPlus is playing in, they deliver on what many others have only forecasted. Carriers will now have a new, essential service to offer their customers, while consumers will have an easier and better way to handle their calls,” said Will Stofega, research manager, IDC VoIP Services.

Coming in Winter 2006/2007

TalkPlus has plans to release additional services, with more advanced features that will debut in the winter of 2006/2007. These will build upon the basic features of the single TalkPlus Number.

A sample of planned features include:
  • Multiple TalkPlus numbers on a single phone. Subscribers will be able to add multiple TalkPlus numbers to their phone, so that they can have even greater control and flexibility in their mobile lives. For example, a lawyer could have dedicated numbers for major clients, as well as a separate personal phone number. A medium-sized business owner could have mobile numbers for business locations in each region.
  • Dial-out numbers. Subscribers will be able to add additional numbers that they already own – such as a wire line home or office number – to their mobile phone. Since these numbers belong to other phone lines, the subscriber can only dial out from this number on their TalkPlus enabled phone. This is particularly appropriate to physicians, who would like to have their office number appear on their patients’ caller ID screen, even when they are calling from their mobile phone.
  • International numbers and low-cost international calling. TalkPlus subscribers will be able to add an international number to their phone, so that they can both give the impression of international presence as well as have in-country callers contact them for very low cost.
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