ClearLink Ships VoIP USB Phone Adapter for Skype

TRENDnet has started shipping its ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter (Model TVP-SP5G). This pocket sized product links your telephone to your computer via USB connection and allows you to make Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, using Skype, from your standard phone. Now you have the choice to make and receive either a standard call or a Skype call when you pick up your phone. Users can take advantage of free Skype to Skype calling, Skype subscription plans, or keep in contact with regular phone users with their existing telephone.

Perfectly suited for home and office use, the ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter installs in a flash. No need to find room on your crowded power strip, the unit is powered from the USB connection to your computer. A simple hot key allows you to switch between SkypeTM and regular phone calls. The ClearLink VoIP USB Phone Adapter is an affordable Skype solution and a great addition to TRENDnet’s growing stable of VoIP products.
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Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit for Skype

TRENDnet has started shipping its first to market ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit for Skype. The distinctively designed Skype conference kit is the first product to enable hands-free Voice over IP conferencing for small businesses anywhere in the office using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

The ClearSky kit includes a conference phone base unit and a USB Class 1 Bluetooth adapter. Together they create a long-range Bluetooth connection that provides high quality conferencing anywhere within a 100 meter (328 feet) range. Gone are the days of being tied down by wires, just grab the conference phone and take it where you need it.

The conference phone’s integrated LCD screen and touchpad offer easy control and viewing of Skype contacts, call history, status and SkypeOut credit balance. This allows users to place and receive calls and control Skype content directly from the conference phone.
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AiGuru S2 USB Internet Phone with Support for Skype

AiGuruS2.jpgThe AiGuru S2 is a cordless USB Internet phone offering support for Skype software, Windows Vista SideShow, and both Apple iTunes and Windows Media Player for wireless music play. The AiGuru S2 remains true to ASUS' three main product design concepts – style, ease of use and seamless integration with PC applications that users are no longer tied down to their PCs or laptops. The premium slim design, brilliant color display and backlit keypad make the AiGuru S2 comfortable to use around the house or office, regardless of where the computer is located. Access to broadband Internet is required.

The AiGuru S2's simplified menu structure and user-friendly interface make it easy to leverage all of Skype's capabilities. Besides Skype's basic features, the AiGuru S2 also provides the ability for users to manage their personal information and contact lists. Users can also see callers' photos or avatars and Skype ID when receiving an incoming call.

For portable music enjoyment, the AiGuru S2 comes equipped with a high quality speaker and five EQ voice modes to support streaming music from a PC using Wi-Fi technology. Through Windows Vista SideShow support, users can also use the AiGuru S2 handset to access their e-mail information on their PC.

Asus AiGuru S2 Product Specifications

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Skype on Mobile Phones Thanks iSkoot

skype140.jpgiSkoot client software has been Skype Certified.

This confirms that iSkoot meets Skype's standards for usability and quality, making it the first third-party mobile client software to be certified by Skype. iSkoot allows mobile phone users to place and receive Skype calls from their handsets, without the need for PCs, special hardware, or WiFi hot spots. Users simply use local rates or minutes from their plans to speak to Skype contacts or use SkypeOut to make inexpensive calls to any phone from their mobiles. This will initially be made available in the US with more markets to follow.

"Skype's endorsement of iSkoot represents a significant benefit for the 136 million plus Skype users who can now enjoy Skype on their cell phone, without needing PCs, special hardware or WiFi hot spots," said iSkoot CEO Jacob Guedalia.
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Hear Email, Podcasts, and Traffic Reports on Cell Phones

Adondo Corporation announces the release of their Personal Audio Link (PAL) Version 1.1 software. With PAL, you can use Skype, Vonage, BroadVoice and other VoIP services to hear email, traffic reports, stock quotes, and blogs on a cell phone.

PAL enables the user to hear a wide range of information read or played over any cell phone or telephone. For example, PAL can read Internet-based content such as stock quotes, weather forecasts, blogs, RSS feeds, and web pages. It can play any podcast over the phone. For Outlook users, PAL reads and navigates email just like a voice-mail system, including the ability to delete, file, reply to, or skip messages; and to skip forward or back while it's reading a message. It also can send audio emails to any Outlook contact. PAL always retrieves and acts upon current PC-based information (file, delete, etc), so no synching to a handheld device is required. Outlook updates instantly.
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Chat Wirelessly on Skype with the Scala-700

Cardo Systems has begun shipping its scala-700 VoIP, a dual-purpose Bluetooth wireless headset for talking while using Skype enabled PCs and laptops as well as hands-free mobile phones. The scala-700 VoIP allows users to chat wirelessly on Skype by voice command for up to 8 hours. A Bluetooth audio Adapter plugs into a computer’s USB port allowing the headset to perform hands-free voice control of phone calls on the screen of a computer or laptop.

The innovative headset offers voice-controlled Skype operation and mobile phone communication in one device. Calls can be made and received up to 30 ft/10 m from the computer or mobile phone.

The headset also includes SWAP technology, which offers users the convenience of switching the headset’s connection between VoIP and mobile phone conversations.
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Dual-Mode DECT Skype Phone by Netgear

NETGEAR launchs the company’s first dual-mode DECT cordless phone to support both landline phone calls and Skype Internet calls. The NETGEAR Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype (SPH200D) includes a handset and a base station which simultaneously connects to a user’s home network router and phone line wall jack enabling users to place and receive both traditional phone calls and Skype Internet calls from a single cordless handset without the need to be connected to a computer.

The Skype Certified SPH200D incorporates DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) technology which utilizes the 1.9GHz band enabling the included cordless phone to avoid interference from WiFi networks to provide longer range and ensure crystal clear voice quality. The Cordless Phone Base Station, which supports up to four handsets (additional handsets sold separately), saves consumers money and eliminates clutter by enabling users to improve the quality of their traditional telephone service and add the cost-saving benefits of Skype Internet calling by simply replacing their current cordless phones throughout the home.
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Parrot Introduces Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone

Parrot is introducing Bluetooth convenience to corporate boardrooms, offices and conference rooms with the launch of its new high-performance Bluetooth wireless speakerphone.

Called the Parrot CONFERENCE, the speakerphone features Parrot’s proprietary advanced digital signal processing technology with full duplexing for clear, echo-free conversations in both small and large rooms. Its three highly sensitive microphones provide complete 360-degree voice pickup and a powerful 5-watt speaker allows conversations in normal voice levels for all participants.

“With over 100 million registered users of Skype worldwide, professionals will be able to enjoy a high-quality conference speaker in an untethered way,” says Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot. “Our new Parrot CONFERENCE transforms our innovative Bluetooth expertise from our automotive and home product lines to bring convenience and ease of use to the office.”
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TalQer an Alternative to SkypeOut and SkypeIn

TalQer launches a new service which offers Skype users an alternative to SkypeOut and SkypeIn. The latest version of TalQer adds a new dial button to the Skype user interface which can be used to call Skype Contacts and Skype History entries. TalQer literally becomes a part of Skype providing a user interface which users are already very familiar with.

TalQer rolled out a number of new services including a free random TalqIn phone numbers with free voicemail for every customer. TalQer offers TalqIn phone numbers available from thirty-eight countries around the world, providing Skype and Google Talk users with the ability to receive calls from three times as many countries as offered through Skype. TalQer is now available with Euro and US Dollar billing, offering users the ability to purchase TalQer Credit in the currency of their choice. TalQer presently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Moneybookers as payment options offering service to users from all over the world.

TalQer uses standard SIP protocol to provide users with the highest quality whether making or receiving calls. Users can configure TalQer accounts for use with standard SIP hardware or with Asterisk PBX systems, offering the power and economy of industry standard communications that users demand.
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skySpace is the First Social Network for Skype

Skype recently launched skySpace, the only media-centric social networking software. skySpace will multiply the volume and quality of information shared among Skype's 136 million users, creating a new market category.

skySpace empowers Skype users to tell stories by sharing their photos, video, audio, and documents via their skySpace homepage-either privately or to the community at large. Users personalize their skySpace homepage with backgrounds, images, layouts, borders, and fonts-eliciting a torrent of conversations from anyone who visits their home. skySpace users are rewarded with feedback on the number of visitors and their identities.
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Skype Users to Get Real Time Status of Their Outlook Calendar

Esna Technologies announced it has added Skype support to its market leading Telephony Office-LinX unified communication platform version 7.5. As part of its ongoing goal for interoperability and to offer the most integrations in the market, Telephony Office-LinX will integrate Microsoft's Outlook Calendar with the popular SKYPE desktop VoIP application. Users of the Telephony Office-LinX platform will have their live Skype status tied into their Microsoft Exchange schedule, enabling other Skype users to see if they are available or not on their office telephone, or off the network. It will bridge the Skype Voip world with Enterprise telephony and Groupware status.
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Pando Networks Adds an Extra For Skype 3.0

skype140.jpgPando Networks has been selected by Skype as a featured partner in the new Skype 3.0, to be released today. With the new Pando Extra, Skype users not only have enhanced file and folder transfer functionality but also the ability to subscribe to video RSS feeds from directly within Skype.

With the Pando Extra, Skype users can:
  • Transfer large files and entire folders (up to 1GB) to Skype contacts and/or any email address
  • Send to and receive from offline contacts or contacts away from their computers
  • Enjoy super-fast, reliable and firewall-friendly file transfers with full auto-resume support
  • Send multiple files to multiple recipients, simultaneously
  • Post files (e.g. videos, photos, etc) to any web site, blog, MySpace etc.
  • Subscribe to high quality Media RSS feeds
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Skype Worm Overrated says Websense

skype140.jpgMalware spreading over the Skype network Tuesday raised flags across the internet. Websense has since posted a reclassification of the threat as a Trojan horse and its overall impact is declining.

Websense was among the first to post an alert about a possible Skype worm. However, after talking with the Skype security team, which is based in Estonia, Hubbard said he had reclassified the threat as a Trojan horse. "A user with Skype will get a message to download a program from a URL included in a chat message," says Hubbard. "If they click on that, a program runs in the background, then injects itself into the Explorer process. It looks like the Trojan is designed to grab forms and passwords from the browser."

"This is either spreading very slowly, and only regionally, or it's dead by now," Hubbard says.

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Web Conferencing as a Skype 3.0 Extra

skype140.jpgConvenos announced it has delivered the Convenos Meeting Center Extra for Skype 3.0. With the Convenos Meeting Center Extra, users can now launch meetings directly from within Skype, easily displaying, sharing and editing files and documents in an online meeting with one or more users whenever they want. This means business users can also move seamlessly from a Skype chat or conversation directly into a collaborative web meeting via Convenos Meeting Center.

"This solution makes it even easier to collaborate with anyone online -- a few clicks in Skype, and you're instantly in a Convenos meeting with your Skype contacts," said Thomas Torf, Convenos CEO. "We're extremely excited to deliver this solution to Skype customers as an early participant in the Skype Developer Program, and we anticipate delivering additional offerings as a top Skype for Business partner."
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Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile

skype140.jpgSkype has released its beta version of Skype 2.2 for Windows Mobile. Skype also announced that the number of pocket devices supporting Skype now totals 120. Meaning anyone with high-speed access and one of these devices can now save on mobile or roaming costs by using VoIP instead.

Skype for Windows Mobile can be downloaded for free. Enhancements include a screen with presence status, event notification, and proxy support (missed calls, new chat messages and voicemails). Skype calling features include Skype-to-Skype calls, support for SkypeOut, SkypeIn, voicemail and call forwarding.

This version keeps a similar look and feel to PC-based Skype. Features include one-click Skype access, multi-person chat and an enhanced contact list.

You can download it now at the website.

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