TúYo Mobile Launches New Holiday Promotion

IDT’s TúYo Mobile announced the launch of a new holiday season promotion. Starting Friday, November 24, 2006 and ending Sunday, January 31, 2007, TúYo Mobile will add five dollars of free talk time to new customer account balances once each week with the purchase and use of a new phone. Customers can talk up to 490 minutes for free over the ten-week holiday program. Additionally, customers can choose to apply their free five-dollar credit towards downloading content. TúYo Mobile is IDT Telecom’s prepaid wireless service designed to meet the mobile calling needs of U.S. Hispanics. IDT Telecom is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation an international telecommunications and technology company.

“Reaching out to family and friends can become very expensive as we tend to make more calls during the holiday season,” said Louis Ferraro, General Manager of TúYo Mobile. “That’s why now is the best time to become a TúYo Mobile customer to take advantage of the great savings.”
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Look Up Unlisted Numbers and Cell Phones

Finding names to unlisted phone numbers and even cell phone numbers just got easier. A1PeopleSearch.com now offers free reverse phone number look up searches which include a free unlisted phone number search and a free reverse cell phone search. The reverse phone search system is much more than just another reverse telephone directory.

A1peoplesearch.com gives businesses and verified individual user's free access to name and address information on approximately 80% of all unlisted phone numbers as well as free access to names from 35% of all cell phone numbers.
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$200 Gift Card for Vonage In-Store Activation

vonage_logo.gifVonage VoIP Service In-Store Activation at Circuit City Stores.

Customers will now be offered an instant $200 gift card to use toward any in-store purchase when they activate Vonage’s VoIP-based telephone service and sign a year-long contract. The store will also make devices from select Vonage hardware manufacturers available to customers free after a mail-in rebate.

“The holiday season just got merrier for Vonage subscribers,” said Vonage America, Inc.’s president Michael Tribolet in a statement. “New subscribers not only get Vonage’s flat rate, feature-rich telephone service so they can call all their friends and wish them happy holidays, but they can also pick up some great gifts at Circuit City.”

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Ophone.net a Free International Calling Service

Ophone Communications, announced the introduction of free international calls through its new service, Ophone.net.

Ophone.net’s newly available service allows users to make unlimited calls to the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and more than 35 other countries by simply calling a U.S.-based number and entering a destination.

“This service is ideal for individuals who want to take advantage of unlimited calling plans through their existing cellular or home phone provider,” said Nick Grooms, Vice President of Ophone.net. “Unlike other firms which require contracts and promote their service using limited time offers commonly found in the international calling world, Ophone offers free international calls based on simple, proven business concepts.”
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RIT Launches VOIP/IP Telephony Courses

Polycom Inc., has donated state-of-the-art equipment to Rochester Institute of Technology's B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. The equipment will be used in the curriculum for the college's course offering in real-time data and voice/video over Internet protocol (VOIP). The undergraduate courses will be offered to students pursuing various degrees in applied network and system administration, information technology, computer science, and software engineering.
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SunRocket Offers Halloween Goodies

Today only Sunrocket is offering 2 years of VOIP phone service with free activation and free equipment. Click on "Free Extra Year" Halloween banner.

  • Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Free Activation, Shipping, and Equipment
  • Free Built-In Features - Caller ID, Call WAiting, 3-Way Calling and Much More!
  • Free Enhanced Voicemail
  • Free International Calls - Up to 100 Minutes per Month
  • Free Enhanced 911
  • No Hidden Fees, No Term Contracts and No Cancellation Penalties

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Vonics VoIP Service Lets Users Have Two Numbers

Vonics Digital has launched a new VoIP service geared for the international crowd called WorldFone. The company claims it is the first VoIP service which allows users to have two phone numbers – a local number in the United States and another number in any of the 37 countries where the service is available.

Basically, the second phone number lets a user in a foreign country call your US phone number for free, and talk as much as they want … and vice versa.
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Guidance for Avoiding VoIP Cyberharassment

Instant messaging and voice over IP (voip) programs are useful communication tools for both individuals and businesses, but they may also put users at risk for online harassment and cyberstalking. Voip Internet phone service provider voip.com offers important guidance on how to stay safe in the voiposphere.

In 2005, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responded to 228,407 cyber complaints, including incidents of harassment and stalking. While most people view programs like Skype, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger as a great way to keep in touch with friends, family or business contacts, others see them as fertile hunting grounds.
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VoIP.com Launches Two New Programs

Voip.com is excited to announce the launch of its Affiliate and Outside Sales Agent program, featuring some of the best payout rates in the industry, flexible sales channel options, and a comprehensive affiliate support system.

Voip, or voice over IP, uses broadband Internet connections to carry voice traffic, instead of standard phone lines. Less expensive to implement and a more efficient use of resources, voip Internet phone service has garnered an enthusiastic response in the residential and business markets. Looking to the future, voip.com is well positioned to serve the more than 34 million new voip subscribers expected to inundate the market in the next five years.
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Free Calls to Mexico

SunRocket, Inc.Most Latinos have a heavy reliance of phone services of all kinds. A strong connection to family, friends and business connections back home lead many to pick up the phone and reach out often on a daily basis. But making phone calls has the propensity to be expensive, and the costs could be getting higher, making services such as Holloi Palloi, Inc. (www.freecallstomexico.com) a welcome relief for many."

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Worm Strikes Yahoo! Messenger Users

Research experts at FaceTime Security Labs, the threat research division of IM and greynet security leader FaceTime Communications, have discovered a new threat targeting Yahoo! Messenger users, known as the w32.KMeth worm. The new threat sends users to a Web site serving a barrage of Google AdSense advertisements related to mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Because of its relation to toxic tort litigation, the cost-per-click for the keyword "mesothelioma" is one of the highest in the online advertising pay-per-click market, making it a prime target for financially-motivated malware writers. Systems are set up by these cyber-rogues to funnel traffic through illicit means, generating clicks on high-paying keywords to produce higher returns on established advertising commissions.
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Schools get a Lesson in VoIP

School budget cuts often trigger painful reductions in services and staffing, but it doesn't have to be that way. Voip.com teaches school administrators that voip can save districts money while adding valuable classroom teaching tools.
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''Canceling Vonage Difficulties''

I read this VoIP blog by Tom Keating. It made me smile and laugh along with his struggles to cancel his Vonage service be sure to check it out.
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New Shopping Site for Business VoIP Phone Services

Broadband phone service comparison site VoipReview.org has launched a new Web site to help companies find the best business VoIP service in their local areas. Businesses can visit www.VoipReview.org/Business_Telephone_Systems/ to find, compare and purchase VoIP phone service based on availability by zip code, price, features, and user reviews. The site, which previously served mostly consumers, expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-growing small and medium enterprise VoIP market.
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How to Avoid VoIP Reliability Pitfalls

Fonality, the leading provider of affordable IP-PBX phone systems to small and medium businesses (SMBs), announced that its sales and support organizations are helping companies avoid the common pitfalls of migrating to VoIP. Although many businesses know that VoIP can provide them with free or cheap long distance, most are not aware of its potential shortcomings, such as poor audio quality, dropped calls and downtime. Fonality advises businesses that, to support the increased demands of VoIP, many will need to upgrade their corporate network and broadband service configurations or be disappointed with the results.
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