Video of Skype on the iPhone using SoonR

A great video detailing how to leverage Skype on the iPhone using SoonR.
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Steve Jobs's Letter to Early iPhone Customers

This applies to early iPhone adaptors and just came across the wires.

The following is a letter released Sept. 6, 2007, by Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs.

"To all iPhone customers:

I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions.

First, I am sure that we are making the correct decision to lower the price of the 8GB iPhone from $599 to $399, and that now is the right time to do it. ..."

"We have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple's website next week. Stay tuned."

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Apple Launches New iPod Family

It appears Apple has been busy. Apple has just announced three new iPods and available in new colors and prices. Smallest to largest we have the iPod nano, iPod classic in the middle, and the iPod touch.
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Researchers Develop a 360-degree Holographic Display

With today being a rather slow news day because of the upcoming holiday weekend. I thought this little video clip might tide over some of our readers. Star Wars here we come!

"Researchers at USC have taken another step towards that holiest of sci-fi dreams: the 3D holographic display. Using a spinning mirror covered with a "holographic diffuser," a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector, the team's device can project a three-dimensional image that can be viewed from 360 degrees -- regardless of the viewer's height and distance. That's impressive, but that spinning mirror looks pretty dangerous. Check a video of the system in action after the break."

From engadget
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iBricker for Customized Applications and Ringtones on iPhone Windows Edition

I've kept quiet for previous iPhone hacks, but this one's an overdue goodie. iBricker for Windows iPhone users allows them to add custom applications and finally ringtones. You can read more about it at "Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial - Windows Edition", which is where I get all my iPhone hacking news and updates. Or sit back and simply watch NateTrue show you the way.

This is my last post before packing and leaving for my families river cabin to enjoy a weekend of fun in the sun. There won't be any news posted Friday or this weekend on VoIP Monitor (See ya Monday and have a good weekend).

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VoIP Supply Named to Inc 500's 2007 List

pitcher-of-beer.gifFriend and fellow blogger Garrett Smith from VoIP Supply has informed me today that they've just been named to the 2007 Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies in America. VoIP Supply was given the ranked of #359 based on a three year growth rate of 783%.

Great work and congratulations to everyone over at VoIP Supply on this achievement! Have a celebratory beer for me.

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Convert Your Online Videos for Free with Movavi

Movavi added new tools to Movavi Online, a web-based service that enables users to download and convert video from one format to another -- for sharing, podcasting, cellphones, iPods, and more -- for free. Where the first version of Movavi Online gave users the ability to upload video stored on a PC, the service upgrade now also enables users to download video from YouTube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe and other video-sharing sites. Also, users are now able to download and watch Flash videos, convert video from the Internet to AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP and other formats for use with iPod, iPhone, PSP, cellphone and other devices, and merge several videos into one large movie.
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Congratulations to TMCnet for Reaching More Than Three Million Unique Visitors in July 2007

Technology Marketing Corporation’s (TMC) TMCnet Web site was visited by 3,078,409 unique visitors in July 2007, according to Webtrends. This represents a 50 percent increase in traffic since February 2007, when TMCnet attracted just over two million unique visitors.

TMCnet is the most-visited site on the World Wide Web for news, analysis and feature articles on communications and technology, including VoIP and other IP communications, CRM, contact centers, wireless, unified communications and IMS.
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Skype on the iPhone, Yet Another Work Around

GigaOm writes, "Skype on iPhone. No, seriously." It's not the first work around to get Skype on your iPhone, but it sure looks to be the most eye catching thanks to Shape Services.
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Happy 4th of July from VoIP Monitor

I just wanted to wish all my readers a Happy 4th of July. Be safe and remember to keep a fire extinguisher handy when using those sparklers.
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Find Internet TV Live on MN1's Web 2.0 Special

FindInetTV_logo200x57.gifMarket News First is proud to bring you the Web 2.0 Special hosted by the star of "Coffey Grinds" Andrew Coffey. The companies participating in this must-see event are DigitalPost Interactive, Web2Corp and Find Internet TV. Tune in to Market News First on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 from 12 to 1 p.m. CDT for this special event.

“We are excited to be on Market News First’s live video program to talk about Internet TV, online video, and what we’re doing at Find Internet TV. What better way to announce our new online TV programming listing, then by going on Market News First’s live online TV,” said Curtis Sund, founder of Find Internet TV.

This event will focus on each of the companies' unique product lines and business plans and how they relate to the "Future of the Internet."

The Internet is evolving at a geometric rate and leaving complacent companies in the dust. The participating companies all have a grasp on the Net's direction and will offer their insights for all to listen.

Don't miss this exciting and informative event live Tuesday, June 5, 2007 from 12 to 1 p.m. CDT at

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Find Internet TV Launches the First Listings for Live TV on the Internet

Find Internet TV announces the launch of its program Listings for live Internet TV. The Find Internet TV Listings is the first to provide Internet users a programming grid to find live online video content. The Listings is visible at Find Internet TV and contains schedules for a wide variety of quality programming from around the world, including entertainment television, sporting events, music, and news.

"Online video, whether live or on-demand, is expanding immensely, and it has become increasingly difficult for viewers to locate the content they want to watch online. While a number of companies and sites have made their focus to index video clips on the Web, they've left live streaming video on the sidelines," says Curtis Sund, Founder of Find Internet TV. "With our live Internet TV Listings, users now have the ability to visit one central destination for complete and updated lineup of live online content."

Find Internet TV's program grid provides a high quality user experience through an easy-to-navigate, feature-rich format. Users have the ability to jump hour-by-hour through the grid or to specific dates and times. In addition, users can save their favorite Internet TV channels for easy access.
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Microsoft Shares Silverlight Availability

This week at MIX07, Web designers, Web developers, industry decision-makers and marketing professionals gathered as Microsoft Corp.’s Ray Ozzie, chief software architect, and Scott Guthrie, general manager of the Developer Division, presented the full breadth of Microsoft’s vision and road map for Microsoft Silverlight and how it fits into the company’s broader Microsoft .NET platform and tools effort.

A core component of Microsoft’s overall strategy for the Web, Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications. In addition to making the beta of Silverlight available for download, Microsoft announced unprecedented support for dynamic languages including Python and Ruby, powerful services integration and new tooling in the Expression Studio and the next edition of Visual Studio, code-named “Orcas,” for building Silverlight applications.
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Google Enters Partnership for TV Ads Trial

EchoStar and Google have entered into a partnership agreement to introduce the first automated system for buying, selling, delivering and measuring television ads on EchoStar DISH Network's 125 national satellite programming networks. Google will have access to a portion of DISH Network's advertising inventory that spans across all channels and dayparts. The agreement is the first of its kind for a national pay-TV provider and Google.

This partnership extends Google's current advertising platform to a national TV audience with the aim to deliver more relevant and measurable ads. EchoStar and Google are working together to provide automated online campaign planning, scheduling, delivery and measurement of ads on the DISH Network.

Read more on Google's TV Ads Trial.

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iTunes Store First to Sell EMI's New Downloads

EMI Music announces that it is launching new premium downloads for retail on a global basis, making all of its digital repertoire available at a much higher sound quality than existing downloads and free of digital rights management restrictions.

The new higher quality DRM-free music will complement EMI's existing range of standard DRM-protected downloads already available. From today, EMI's retailers will be offered downloads of tracks and albums in the DRM-free audio format of their choice in a variety of bit rates up to CD quality. EMI is releasing the premium downloads in response to consumer demand for high fidelity digital music for use on home music systems, mobile phones and digital music players. EMI's new DRM-free products will enable full interoperability of digital music across all devices and platforms.
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