Qualcomm Announces Acquisition of SoftMax

Qualcomm has acquired San Diego-based SoftMax. SoftMax brings leading-edge, multi-microphone noise suppression and echo cancellation expertise to Qualcomm, broadening the audio and voice capabilities of the Company's product portfolio for integration into devices such as mobile handsets, Bluetooth headsets, VoIP phones and notebook PCs.
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Fonality Acquires Insightful and Offers Integrated CRM-VoIP Solution

Fonality will create the industry's first phone system that unifies both telephony and customer relationship management for small and medium-sized businesses. As part of the initiative, the company has acquired Insightful Solutions, a leading hosted CRM solution provider and a SugarCRM Gold partner for the Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific regions.

Over the past two years, Insightful has made substantial enhancements to SugarCRM's Sugar Professional product and hosts more than 1,000 seats, in 13 countries, at the company's three global data centers. By combining Insightful's CRM expertise with Fonality's awarding-winning telephony suite, small businesses will have an affordable solution that unifies employees with presence management, instant messaging, fixed and mobile calling, and provides a single 360-degree view of customers and business partners.
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AT&T Completes Interwise Acquisition

AT&T completes of the acquisition of Interwise. In parallel, AT&T launches AT&T Connect, the first in a planned series of converged AT&T-branded voice, video and web conferencing products and services that will accelerate the delivery of unified communications to companies worldwide. With the introduction of AT&T Connect, the company is advancing its focus on delivering a comprehensive, global portfolio of unified communications solutions. The demand for such services is expected to total $5.9 billion in 2007, with continued growth expected in 2008 and beyond.

AT&T is rapidly integrating its wired and wireless network assets, over which it intends to deliver a portfolio of services to help businesses integrate all of their communications applications -- wired and wireless voice services, conferencing capabilities, including VoIP, Web and video, and presence-based applications, such as instant messaging and directories.
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Digium Acquires Switchvox

digium_logo.gifDigium announces it has acquired Switchvox. The acquisition bolsters Digium’s presence in the SMB market and provides a strong platform on which to advance its Asterisk-based unified communications solution.

Digium is the creator and driving force behind Asterisk, the world’s most popular and successful open source communications platform with an estimated 3.5 million servers worldwide providing VoIP calls for businesses and residential end users. More resellers, telecom professionals and software developers choose Digium’s products than those of any other open source telephony company because only Digium delivers the technical superiority, security and flexibility associated with genuine Asterisk.
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Bluesocket Acquires VoIP Leader Pingtel

pingtel_logo.gifBluesocket has acquired SIP-based enterprise communications solutions leader Pingtel Corporation. This strategic move establishes a solid foundation for the delivery of converged mobility and unified communications offerings, and places Bluesocket in a leadership position to provide complete enterprise mobility solutions that combine secure wireless LAN and Voice over IP (VoIP) - including unified communications server technology which will be a key foundation for Bluesocket’s enterprise fixed mobile convergence architecture.
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Sparkplug Gambles on Las Vegas VoIP Provider Acquisition

Sparkplug announces its expansion into Las Vegas with the acquisition of wireless broadband and VoIP services provider Verde Communications. The transaction provides Sparkplug with immediate presence in one of the country's fastest growing markets and delivers high-speed wireless broadband and VoIP services to businesses throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.

Las Vegas-based Verde Communications is Southern Nevada's oldest, largest and most experienced commercial wireless broadband provider. The company offers a comprehensive suite of business broadband services including high-speed Internet access, hosting, Virtual Private Networking, managed services, alternate path redundant broadband and hosted VoIP. Verde Communications founders Jason Mendenhall and Ben Brimhall will become part of the Sparkplug management team, and all Verde employees will remain with the company.
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Digium Acquires Sokol & Associates

digium_logo.gifDigium announces it has acquired Sokol & Associates. Digium has long enjoyed a close relationship with Steve Sokol and his colleagues, all of whom have joined Digium’s team. By acquiring the company, Digium gains an additional channel through which it can communicate Asterisk enhancements to the IT, telephony, software development, reseller and call center professionals who use the software every day.

Digium created, maintains, owns and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the open source telephony communications software in use by more than two million servers today. Asterisk powers Digium’s family of software and hardware appliances and enables other companies, which often use older versions of the software in their own VoIP products.
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TransAKT Enters Merger Discussions with Sanyo Distributor

TransAKT is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into merger discussions with the exclusive Sanyo distributor for telecommunication products in China. Sanyo is a well known brand name for its telecommunication products worldwide, and is widely accepted by Chinese customers. Management is optimistic that this merger will enhance the market position of TransAKT's new operations in China.

This Sanyo distributor has built up a profitable sales channel in China with annual revenues of approximately US$15 million. TransAKT and the distributor in China are both happy to see this merger will successfully go through in the near future. TransAKT together with Sanyo, has projects including a Wi-Fi phone, a dual mode GSM/WIFI phone and VOIP ready multi-line cordless phone systems and we believe this partnership will benefit both companies.
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Vonage Strengthens On-Demand Verification

VonageVonage is adding a new layer to its customer-acquisition strategy with On-Demand Verification services from TARGUSinfo. The services enable Vonage to capture the precise name and address information for each prospective customer so it can follow up with a personalized direct mail piece.

Vonage chose TARGUSinfo in 2006 for the unique precision of its Caller Name Services. The telecommunications provider recently started using TARGUSinfo services to make sure that it can remarket to prospective customers who call but don't immediately subscribe. Vonage also uses TARGUSinfo services to make sure it has the most current phone-number information available for leads that come through other channels.

"Vonage has relied on TARGUSinfo to provide industry-best Caller ID that has helped us to promote customer satisfaction," said Vonage CEO Mike Snyder. "Our new TARGUSinfo services are providing prime opportunities to acquire customers who have already shown an interest in our marketing."

For more information, visit the TARGUSinfo team at Suite Marriott Willow Glen I at VON on March 20-22 in San Jose, Calif. Or visit http://www.TARGUSinfo.com/marketing/.

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deltathree Aquires Go2Call.com Expanding its Presence

logo_deltathree.gifdeltathree has acquired the service provider and consumer businesses of Go2Call.com. deltathree signed a definitive agreement to purchase these businesses from Go2Call on February 17, 2007. The transaction closed on February 19, 2007.

Under the terms of the agreement, deltathree acquired Go2Call's consumer and service provider businesses as well as key components of their regional infrastructure worldwide. With the addition of Go2Call's customer accounts, deltathree strengthens its service provider and consumer channels while expanding its presence to new regions of the world.

The consideration for this transaction includes a combination of cash and shares of deltathree, Inc. common stock. Additional details regarding the transaction will be disclosed by deltathree in its filing of a Current Report on Form 8-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
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KeyOn Aquires SpeedNet Services

KeyOn Communications is now the United States' leading provider of wireless broadband and voice-over-IP (VoIP) services in small and rural markets with its recent acquisition of SpeedNet Services, a Midwest-based wireless broadband company. This continued consolidation by KeyOn bridges the country's communication divide through the creation of the largest rural, wireless broadband company in the nation, covering a dozen states: Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio; with a network footprint of over 45,000 square miles.

The purchase of SpeedNet comes after KeyOn's recent completion of two successful acquisitions: Southern Iowa Regional Internet Services (SIRIS), an Iowa wireless broadband provider; and a wireless broadband market in Pocatello, Idaho, from FairPoint Communications, Inc.

KeyOn uses both licensed and unlicensed spectrum to deliver broadband and VoIP services to non-metropolitan and rural communities using the highest quality and most cost-effective technology platform available. KeyOn intends to introduce enhanced services into its wide-reaching network by leveraging new technological standards such as WiMAX. KeyOn's geographically sweeping networks are managed with the company's scalable, proprietary BrightEDGE Manager Operating Support System.
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Major Player in the Chinese VoIP Sector Positions Itself

China VoIP & Digital Telecom announced it has acquired Hangzhou Zhongfang a Voice-over Internet Protocol Services provider based in the Zhejiang Province. The acquisition will expand the Company’s reach into Zhejiang and other southern provinces in the People’s Republic of China.

Under the terms of the agreement, Jinan will acquire existing VoIP infrastructure from Zhongfang to facilitate future VoIP sales and services in the Province. The acquisition will also provide a platform for Jinan Yinquan to develop and expand its VoIP business in adjacent southern provinces.

Jinan Yinquan, is a rapidly growing technology company that offers VoIP services in the People’s Republic of China.
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Yoda Communications and Nicer Look to Join Forces

text-partnership.jpgNicer Canada Corp., announced that it has entered into formal discussions to acquire Yoda Communications, Inc. a privately held company incorporated under the laws of Taiwan, Republic of China.

Yoda is a leading supplier of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Customer Premises Equipment (such as Phone Adapter, Gateways and Intellectual Property (IP) handsets) throughout Europe and Asia. Complementary to Nicer's enterprise and Telco grade IP phone switches, the combination of Nicer and Yoda will provide customers a full set of vertical VOIP solutions for creating, managing and delivering compelling voice over IP devices and applications. Together, the two companies will meet a wider set of customer needs and have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets, particularly in the mobile and carrier segments.
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VoIP Telephone Agreement in Beijing

The Bralorne Mining Company announced that its 100% owned subsidiary company -- Beijing Quan Tong Chang Information Service Limited has signed a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone service agreement with Beijing Oriental Jiachuang International Exhibition Inc., a leading exhibition and conference holding company in China. According to the agreement, Beijing QTC will deploy its 3GenisIP Integrated Access System to Beijing Oriental to support its VoIP Broadband Phone Network service with local, long distance and international calling.
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Yackie Mobile and Yackie Merge

Yackie Telecom introduced a merger between its two corporate divisions, Yackie Mobile and Yackie. Yackie Telecom is one of the first companies to introduce this revolutionary global solution to the market. Now customers can stay in touch with the world, save money and manage their calls when calling around the world.

Yackie Telecom is now offering its customers a Yackie Mobile GSM SIM card and a Yackie VoIP account together in one package. Both accounts will have the same incoming number (you can have up to 8 phone numbers linked to one SIM card), which can be selected from 40 different countries.

This SIM card roams in over 162 countries and it works with the most powerful network.
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