VoIP, Inc. Creates Private Network 911 Service for VoIP Calls

VoIP, Inc., a global provider of advanced communications services utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) as its core technology, announced the release of the industry's first private network 911 service for broadband and packet communications. The private network 911 service is provided by VoIP, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary VoiceOne Communications LLC.

"The industry has been focused on creating quick solutions to meet FCC deadlines related to recent regulatory actions that require VoIP service providers to offer 911 services to customers. Some of these solutions continue to use unsecured, and best-effort transport of the Internet for critical emergency calls," said VoIP, Inc. CEO Steven Ivester.
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E911 Order Appealed

Nuvio Corporation, a leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, today announced that it has filed an appeal of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order requiring VoIP providers to make E911 available to their customers nationwide by the end of the year. Because of the looming November 28, 2005 deadline, Nuvio has requested the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to expedite the schedule in the hopes of reaching a decision prior the FCC Order taking effect.
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More 911 info!

The Daily Republican Register has a nice write-up about the difficulties in accessing 911 from VoIP. In short you need to make sure you find a service that offers E911 and I would definitely test it shortly after getting the service (not all services have 911 available immediately after hookup).

Check out their article.
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911 for VoIP

There are several options for 911 depending on the VoIP provider but I read on America's Network that deltathree and TeleCommuincation Systems have signed an agreement. This agreement apparently enables deltathree to offer TCS' VoIP solution automatic routing of 911 calls of their current location.

Read the article at America's Network.

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911 still not VoIP friendly

CNET reports of a 17-year-old girl who, earlier this month, tried to call 911 after both her parents were shot by intruders but was informed from their VoIP provider that 911 was not available. Fortunately she was able to escape and contact the police through other means but how long can this continue?

There are two key reasons why the current 911 system does not work with most VoIP providers.
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