Goober Networks Launches Domestic and International No-Cost VoIP Calling

goober_logo.jpgGoober Networks announces the immediate availability of its CallingAmerica web-based solution, offering anyone in America with a broadband connection to place free VoIP calls to any landline or mobile phone in the United States. Goober’s CallingAmerica platform also gives callers access to make calls internationally to select countries, which include Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. This latest service from Goober is aimed at providing users with access to calling landlines, both domestically and internationally, which is currently not offered by competing VoIP providers, such as Skype.

By registering for free at, users can make an unlimited number of calls beginning today. Callers who do not choose to register can still make an unlimited number of calls up to two minutes in duration each per day. No download is necessary and a caller’s computer microphone or headset is automatically configured.

The free service is entirely supported by advertising sponsors. Before each call is conducted, callers view a brief advertisement of 30 seconds or less, after which the call is placed to any landline or mobile phone within the U.S. and to select countries outside the country for free. Customers that would like to subscribe to Goober’s VoIP and Video chat services will find that Goober’s VoIP rates offer callers a 25 to 55 percent cost savings on per minute charges over Skype’s VoIP calling package. For more information, please visit

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