NextAlarm Launches New VoIPAlarm Marketing Campaign

NextAlarm announces the launch of an extensive marketing campaign targeted at the alarm industry. The company's VoIPAlarm brand, focused on sales to alarm companies, will receive a push from well-known industry veterans Tom Christ and Terry Gurley. A series of biweekly webinars has begun to educate dealers about the product.

Christ and Gurley, with over twenty collective years of experience in the alarm industry, have previously built dealer networks of over 800 companies within 18 months. They specialize in high-tech products in the security space and are expert in training alarm dealers to identify, sell to, and support customers of technologies like VoIPAlarm's alarm broadband adapter.

VoIPAlarm was designed as a solution for alarm dealers and monitoring services losing customers due to the advent of VoIP telephone services. The majority of alarm systems installed in homes and businesses today are unable to reliably communicate over VoIP, as they were designed with the specific tolerances and DTMF ranges of standard PSTN phone lines. VoIPAlarm allows these alarm systems to communicate over broadband with the addition of a single, inexpensive adapter, called the broadband IP adapter. The adapter also works to re-enable alarms in locations that have disconnected their phone lines entirely, such as homes whose residents have switched to using cell phones. Unlike other broadband alarm products, VoIPAlarm is compatible with most alarm systems built in the last 20 years, and functions over any broadband Internet connection. Also unique to VoIPAlarm is support for two-way voice communication between a central station operator and an alarm owner, a feature common in medical alert systems and higher-end security systems.

VoIPAlarm also offers the IP video product NextView, which currently includes a fixed camera and a movable camera with pan and tilt, with an outdoor camera available soon. NextView cameras feature customized firmware that allows the NextView service to react to any alarm event. When an alarm panel reports an event through the VoIPAlarm platform, the system provides the customer and authorized dealer with video both prior to and after the alarm event. Using a proprietary buffering technology, the subscriber or dealer can view the seconds leading up to an alarm, as well as video taken after the event occurred.

Webinars are held twice a week to show VoIPAlarm to alarm dealers and other interested parties. Special introductory pricing is available exclusively through these webinars. To register for a free session, visit

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