Acme Packet Powers Expansion of Super Broadband Networks’ Hosted VoIP Service

acme_packet_logo.jpgAcme Packet announces that Thailand’s Super Broadband Network has deployed additional Acme Packet Net-Net session border controllers as part of an expansion of its popular DataTalk service. DataTalk is a hosted VoIP service that enables local, international and private branch interconnect calling via SIP trunks connected to SBN via its leased and broadband access network. Acme Packet’s SBCs are used at SBN’s access and interconnect borders to deliver high quality of service, secure SBN’s service infrastructure and extend its services to a wide variety of enterprises and consumer subscribers.

An Acme Packet customer since 2008, SBN operates under the auspices of Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission and is largely held by Advanced Info Services Plc, the number one mobile operator in Thailand. SBN markets fixed line and mobile services to both businesses and consumers. Its DataTalk service is marketed to small, medium and large enterprises. More than 30 organizations across Thailand are currently using the service, which SBN expects to extend to home users beginning in 2011.

SBN’s recent SBC deployment is extending the reach of the DataTalk service to a wider audience by addressing interoperability challenges that exist between enterprises whose IP PBXs support dissimilar VoIP signaling protocols. The Net-Net SBCs interwork H.323 and SIP signaling, making DataTalk available to a wider enterprise audience. So that its customers receive high service reliability and quality, SBN has deployed high availability (HA) pairs of Net-Net SBCs, which utilize advanced DoS/DDoS protection to secure SBN’s service infrastructure against threats such as session overloads and protocol fuzzing attacks. The Net-Net SBCs also load balance session traffic among SBN’s softswitches, helping to optimize SBN’s network performance and service availability.

SBN is also using its Net-Net SBCs to monitor and aggregate QoS statistics and call usage data for each DataTalk customer. The SBCs generate call detail records that SBN uses to provide its customers detailed service and quality level reporting.

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