Paltalk Flat-Rate International Mobile VoIP Solution Connects 39 Countries for Less Than $30 per Month

paltalk_logo.jpgPaltalk announces that users will be able to make unlimited international phone calls through Vumber, Paltalk's virtual phone number service. Users will be able to call 39 countries for a flat rate of $29.95 per month.

Vumber's flat rate is the first in a series of mobile-VoIP solutions planned for release by Paltalk over the next quarter in a market that is primed for massive growth. According to a Frost & Sullivan report that was issued in May of this year, the next five years will see a huge spike in the demand for mobile VoIP services -- from $605.8 million in 2008 to $29.57 billion worldwide by 2015.

Vumber is a virtual phone number service which enables subscribers to choose an additional phone number that can be linked to any existing phone line. This allows customers to make calls while maintaining the privacy of their phone numbers. Paltalk acquired Vumber in November 2009.

New users will be able to purchase via and current Paltalk users will be able to purchase via their account management login.

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