iSkoot Partners with O2 Ireland to Launch O2 Social Link

iskoot_logo2.gifMobile customers in Ireland now have an easy way to stay connected to leading social media like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. iSkoot announces that it has partnered with O2 Ireland to launch O2 Social Link, a rich mobile app that aggregates the most important Social Network services, along with some of Ireland’s most popular feeds for news, sports, and entertainment.

O2 Social Link offers users real-time notification for social network activity and news items, even while users compose messages, check status updates, and read new stories. All services are delivered over available data connections, without requiring 3G or Wi-Fi for optimal performance. When not actively in use, O2 Social Link’s server-side connection can continue to load new data in the background and pop up alerts for important content.

O2 Social Link is powered by iSkoot’s Kalaida platform, a cloud-based solution that gives wireless operators and OEMs worldwide the ability to easily integrate leading web-based services into their consumer offerings. Kalaida concentrates processing in the network, allowing multiple services to remain active at once with minimal impact on handset performance or battery life.

iSkoot’s Kalaida Platform currently connects mobile subscribers in the US, Europe, and Asia to leading social media, e-mail, IM, VoIP and news services, and is rapidly extensible to support local preferences and add new services as users embrace them.

O2 Social Link is currently available to O2 Ireland users on nearly 50 top devices by HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. The application is available free to Prepay customers on the O2 Experience Plus and O2 Experience More price plans, and can be downloaded at no cost when users top up their account by €20 in one go every 30 days.

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