Alteva To Participate In VoIP Related Webinar Series

Alteva will participate in Chorus Communications' 2010 webinar series, to run every Tuesday, starting March 23rd. The webinar series is designed to provide sub-agents with the knowledge base needed to sell the hottest products in the marketplace today, including hosted VoIP and unified communications solutions.

As a highly regarded thought leader in this industry, Alteva has been asked to participate in the following webinars:
  • Tuesday, April 6th and Tuesday, April 13th at 10:00 AM eastern time
  • Topic: International VoIP Connectivity, SIP Trunking & Session Border Controls
  • Presenters: InPhonex with Alteva
International porting capabilities offer the ability for phone service providers to seamlessly connect their customers with other locations abroad without the common constraints of cost normally associated with this type of connection. International companies will be able to have an appearance in the US and the ability to retain a local presence using a local number. Alteva and InPhonex will discuss how these capabilities create a standardization and consolidation of its billing across all of the user's offices. Specifically, Alteva will talk about the enterprise VoIP component, while InPhonex will concentrate on the residential and ultra small business capabilities. InPhonex is one of the many carriers that Alteva utilizes, as well companies such as Level 3 Communications and Global Crossing.
  • Seminar 4: Tuesday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 10:00 AM eastern time
  • Topic: Hosted vs. Premise based VoIP Solutions
  • Presenters: Alteva and Quick Connect
It is becoming quite apparent that in the near future, everyone will transition their phone services over to VoIP. Depending on the circumstance, hosted VoIP might be better suited for some companies more than on-premise solutions and vice versa. Alteva will collaborate with Quick Connect to provide an educational discussion on the benefits of each service, and a real perspective on when to deploy each of these products.

How to Sign Up

Agents looking to get educated on how to sell your services are invited to participate in the webinar series. A limited number of seats are available. Additionally, Alteva is offering its own webinar series that will cover overarching topics, as well as more detailed topics such as unified communications and cloud services.

To learn more or sign up for this program, please contact Louis Hayner, Chief Sales Officer at Alteva, at 1-215-789-4028 or

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