8x8 Customer Referral Program is a Win-Win

8x8, Inc.8x8 business phone service subscribers are earning thousands of bonus dollars this holiday season through a company-sponsored word of mouth referral program that pays healthy cash rewards for recommending new subscribers to its service.

The 8x8 "Business Referral Program" rewards existing subscribers and registered partners for submitting business referrals that become customers of 8x8's money-saving VoIP phone services, which include the 8x8 Virtual Office solution, a hosted PBX phone service now in use by over 18,000 businesses. Participants in the program have an opportunity to earn unlimited cash rewards to the tune of $100 for each qualifying Virtual Office extension the new customer orders, provided they remain a subscriber in good standing for at least 60 days. This results in a win-win situation for both 8x8 and its subscribers, as the company receives a valuable, cost-effective lead backed by a personal recommendation and the subscriber receives compensation for sharing a positive user experience with friends and colleagues.

Brian Erk, President of Computer Networking Solutions, has been an 8x8 Virtual Office customer since April 2009 and has earned over $4,000 in referral rewards from his recommendations. "We have firsthand experience with the productivity advantages and cost efficiencies of the 8x8 Virtual Office solution and are eager to let other businesses know how they too can benefit from the service," said Erk. "When a product does what it promises and truly adds value, it's hard to keep it secret."

An 8x8 customer since December 2008, ACS Wireless Research Specialist Claire Sullivan says, "We're happy to recommend 8x8 to other business users because it has worked so well for us. Besides the minimal start-up costs and the fact that it works with any high-speed Internet connection, 8x8 provides an intuitive interface and outstanding feature-set in addition to excellent customer support. We feel confident that when we recommend 8x8 to our business contacts, they will have a good experience as well."

There are no limits to the number of extensions or businesses participants in the 8x8 Business Referral Program can quality for. Hence, a business referral that purchases 8x8 Virtual Office with 10 extensions generates a cash payment of $1,000 to the referrer. Participants are asked only to provide the name and contact information of business acquaintances they feel could benefit from using 8x8's phone service. Once that information is received, 8x8 business consultants schedule a call in order to understand the business needs, tell the referral about 8x8 and, if it's a good fit, suggest the best service for their business.

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