Vodafone Germany Enables Mobile VoIP Services

Vodafone Germany has confirmed to teltarif.de that it has enabled mobile VoIP services on its network. The operator's press departments told teltarif that users would have to pay additional costs for mobile VoIP and other new services, which will be available only with the company's SuperFlat internet tariffs. Customers subscribing to the SuperFlat Internet Weekend tariff will pay an extra EUR 29.95 for the Internet Plus option with a 24-month contract.

In addition to mobile VoIP, other new services include instant messaging, the use of a handset or smartphone as a modem for netbook/laptop and peer-to-peer services. Customers subscribing to the SuperFlat Internet Mobile or SuperFlat Internet Fixed-Network can get the new features as the Internet Plus Flat option for an extra EUR 19.95 per month. The Internet Plus and Internet Plus Flat options include additional monthly mobile data allowances of 500 MB and 1 GB respectively.

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