xG Technology Invites Journalists & Analysts to Test Drive First Mobile VoIP System

Accredited journalists and published telecom analysts will be some of the first to test drive the world’s first truly mobile VoIP system. xG Technology is opening its lab facilities in Sunrise, Florida to media and analysts in order to preview its new technology, which has the potential to dramatically drive down the cost of calling. xG Technology has developed xMax—a system that allows consumers to benefit from much lower-cost mobile calls via the Internet. Major cellular providers have blocked these Internet calls on their networks.

xG Technology developed xMax as an alternative solution that enables consumers to benefit directly using mobile VoIP technology. xMax is similar to Vonage or Skype, but in the form of a fully mobile handset that doesn’t require the use and extra cost of a computer or broadband Internet connection.

xMax offers consumers the prospect of lower phone bills because:
  • xMax transmits over unlicensed spectrum—the same as baby monitors and cordless phones. Major national cellular carriers paid billions of dollars for licensed spectrum that they recoup from customers.
  • xMax was built as a totally Internet-based digital system from top to bottom—an extremely cost efficient communication approach.
xMax networks can enable communication providers to aggressively compete with national carriers by offering customers unlimited voice and data plans both locally and long distance, extremely low-cost international calling, no contracts, as well as home phone and high-speed Internet service.

Seven-year-old xG Technology is a US-based company, but development of xMax is an international effort that involves companies in Europe and Asia. A portfolio of 50 US and 117 international patents and pending patent applications has been developed with the goal of bringing lower-cost communications to consumers.

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