TIGO Bolivia Enhances VoIP with Acme Packet

acme_packet_logo.jpgTIGO Bolivia is deploying Acme Packet Net-Net session border controllers to support its VoIP interconnects for international long distance. Acme Packet SBCs provide the security and advanced call routing required to scale and optimize its VoIP peering relationships. The Acme Packet solution allows TIGO to offer enhanced quality of service for its international long distance calls by eliminating congestion at its interconnect borders.

Millicom International Cellular provides prepaid cellular telephony services to 20 million customers in 16 emerging markets in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. In 2005, the company launched TIGO Bolivia to deliver mobile services to domestic and international subscribers.

Acme Packet’s Net-Net SBCs are deployed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for VoIP interconnects to other service providers for international long distance termination. Previously, TIGO was experiencing surges in traffic due to network congestion from interconnect partners which reduced the completion of subscribers’ international calls. TIGO’s media gateways could not deliver the security and control requirements for its VoIP interconnect borders. The call admission control capabilities of Acme Packet’s Net-Net SBCs police inbound and outbound traffic based on the number of concurrent sessions that can be supported and bandwidth available, assuring call quality. Acme Packet’s flexible routing capabilities, including least-cost routing and routing based on quality measurements, optimize TIGO’s services while reducing costs. The Net-Net SBCs support QoS monitoring and call detail record generation on a per-call and per-interconnect partner basis, providing TIGO with information for traffic planning as well as settlement

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