TANDBERG Now Shipping its E20 Video VoIP Phone

TANDBERG is now shipping its E20 video IP phone, making scalable, DVD-quality video on every desktop a reality. Designed to replace the standard office phone, the E20 provides a superior quality video experience combined with CD quality audio to enable face-to-face collaboration from any desk.

According to a recent study by the International Association of Business Communicators, direct, face-to-face communication practices are the most valuable for building employee engagement and increasing productivity. Yet the expanding global and remote workforce makes in-person communications challenging and expensive. With the E20, organizations can affordably connect all employees face-to-face from their desks, no matter where they are located, enabling instant knowledge sharing and collaboration to drive innovation and productivity.

The superior quality, scalability and design of the E20 has set a new industry standard. With its ability to integrate into any unified communications platform, the E20 enables eve ryone in an organization to easily and securely connect face-to-face over business-quality video. They also have access to familiar telephony features such as call transfer, message waiting and call forwarding, as well as quick keys for access to advanced IP phone and video services. The E20 has a 10.6 inch LCD widescreen coupled with a five-megapixel high-resolution camera for users to clearly see facial expressions and read body language. The camera is positioned at eye-level to provide a head-on image that eliminates the "nose view" typical of other video phones currently available. Moreover, users can seamlessly switch to audio-only when the need arises, with an ultra wideband 20 kHz speaker phone and 10 kHz handset.

The E20, like all TANDBERG products, is interoperable with any standards compliant video or telepresence endpoint. This means no matter where a person is located, with the E20 he or she can be face-to-face with their team in a conference room, with a colleague on another continent, or with the CEO in a telepresence meeting, all without leaving their desk. What's more, its large screen and superior quality camera will ensure it's a great experience.

The TANDBERG E20 is now shipping and can be seen demonstrated at VoiceCon in Orlando, FL from March 30-April 1.

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